Peep these HOT character designs by Robert Love!

Robert Love has been rolling out some character designs for villains that will be appearing in Kenji: Spirits of the Seven Dragons. and not for nothing, but they're pretty awesome...

PREVIEW: "Shadoweyes in Love" by Ross Campbell

For all my fellow Ross Campbell fans (or anybody who likes good comics), here's a 30 page preview of his upcoming graphic novel Shadoweyes in Love, which is due out April 12th.

start the day off RIGHT w/Blueprint

g'morning. Here's the official video for Keep Bouncing, off Blueprint's upcoming album Adventures in Counter Culture dropping April 5th on Rhymesayers.

PREVIEW: RPM #3 by Mick Foley, Shane Riches & Jose Holder

Revere is in some deep doo-doo, as this high-rate messenger tries to deliver his package... his heightened sensory perception and the Matrix-like mad skills it gives him are generally enough to keep him out of trouble... but then, there was this girl...

Playdough battles on the Radio

I'm not gonna badmouth my local radio stations 'cause I have friends who work there... I mean, they're doing their best to bring us real hip hop, but... you know, it's the radio, so... yeah. What was I saying? OH YEAH! So I had no idea that they did a rap battle segment on 97.9 the Beat, but looks like our dude Playdough called in and won it five weeks in a row...

Build and Destroy w/Josh Boulet

Here's a brief interview of Dallas area indie comics phenom Josh Boulet (The Green Reefer, The Wrong Night in Texas), conducted by my dude Michael Lagocki...

Robophobic #17: a conspiracy... against pens!

A Conspiracy by ~mellapants

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Comic writer, animation producer and respected industry veteran Dwayne McDuffie passed away on Tuesday from complications due to a surgical procedure performed Monday evening.

Listening Session for Raekwon's "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" Album

my girl Mary Nichols (aka DJ Fusion of Fusebox Radio) slid me about 40 minutes of video featuring the mighty Raekwon the Chef giving a preview of his upcoming Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang solo album (along with a bit of performing & talking) at the DTLR Listening Lounge in Washington, DC

Something my wife would care about...

I have had very little success converting my wife into a comicbook reader. But one book that I've been able to turn her on to is Ross Campbell's slice-of-life ogn* series Wet Moon.

PREVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #36 by Daniel Way and Jason Pearson

Let's face it, Jason Pearson on X-Men is reason enough to do a double-take, but this wrap around cover is poster material...

Now Playing: Catshit One

this debut episode of Catshit One was released free on the web to coincide with the DVD/Blu-ray release earlier this month...

start the day off Right w/Venomous 2000, DJ Priority & M. Josephine

"Leave the stories behind like Bre'er Rabbit
BS takin' me out, I can't have it..."
-Venemous 2000

new Iron Man drawing

I did this Iron Man piece for a commission for  DwainIBe of my Twitter familia. I started to cop out and do the 80's Iron Man, but I thought I would try and do a version of the one from the movie.

Rakim + Black Thought + John Legend + JPeriod = DOWNLOAD THIS

Do I really need to pitch this to you? I mean... REALLY?

start the day off right w/ E.A.R.T.H.

This ain't the first time I shared some beats and rhymes from the E.A.R.T.H. crew, and it pro'lly won't be the last.

I GOTTA HAVE IT--> "PROOF: Endangered" #3

you all know I loves me some PROOF, and that I already bought the first two issues of the new story arc Endangered, so it goes without saying that I will pull together a pile o' pennies to cop #3.

NYC vs Optimus Prime

I guess that whole "robots in disguise' thing can backfire every once in a while, because your favorite robot (Autobot number one, the mighty Optimus Prime) got nailed for illegally parking in New York during the Toy Fair. So either Prime's Stealth is impeccable, or someone in the Department of Transportation don't love them robos...

Green Reefer, Year One (and a half)...

start the day off right w/ the mighty Pharoahe Monch

‎"Abolish the N-word, their plans is so corny, while Homeland Security cams is all on me..."
-the mighty Pharoahe Monch

PREVIEW- Thunderbolts #153

Giant monsters and the evil Hyperion (the marvel version of Bizarro, only not as pale and dim-witted) are on the loose, and Luke Cage is down... who can help in your time of need? Oh yeeah! IT'S THE JUGGANAUT, BITCH, comin' ta save yo punk ass...

Rhymefest Hates Playdough

so a last year when Rhymefest was prepping El Che he did a contest where emcees could submit a verse for his song Give It To Me, and our good man Playdough* of the mighty Deepspace 5 crew stepped up and threw his grown man hat into the ring...

"Black Moses Barbie" and more Harriet Tubman tidbits

Be Free or Die by Chris Miller

Comicbook World #53: Flesh-eating Furniture?

Yeah, that's just what I need... household appliances powered by the flesh of those who offend me! Looks like the idea of creating machines that run on "biomass" is building steam...

PREVIEW: Cubicles: The Movie! (the graphic Novel)

 I was trolling around for previews on CBR and saw an ad for Cubicles: The Movie  and was blown away by it (see kids! Advertising really DOES work)... I guess it's more accurate to say I saw an ad for their Kickstarter campaign, where I found the 7 page preview I've posted for you below. The 92 page sci-fi action comedy tells the story of Wally and Ost, mild mannered office workers who get sucked into a corporate takeover. They are dragged across the galaxy and come face to face with aliens, pirates, and space squid all in an effort to save the company, get the girl, and maybe even get a raise.  

Toronto Animation crew Ex Machina 7 drops free anthology magazine

Ex Machina 7 Productions is an independent collective of professional animation artists working in the city of Toronto. Having worked in the television, commercial and videogame fields, we formed Ex Machina 7 to showcase and develop original content for a demanding audience.

Eminem OWNED the Superbowl commercials...

yeah, I watched the Superbowl. Yeah, I was pulling for Pittsburgh. Yeah, I knew Green Bay was gonna win. No, I'm not hating, but I was really just trying to watch some good commercials with my wife. Yeah, we are twisted here in America... The commercials for the most part, were mad regular. Only a few managed to stand out at all, and two of them featured the mighty Marshall Mathers...

A hip hop history lesson (WAIT! Don't leave, it's got PICTURES!)

My email fam and comicbook dude Mike Hawthorne (Conan: Road of Kings, Hysteria, The Un-Men) sent me a blast about this poster The History of Rap by prolific magazine illustrator Kagan Mcleod (of the clan Mcleod), so I just had to go looking for more information and pictures because I'm a big dork...

Webcomic Review--> "Interrogation 101"

Thundercats, ho...

After witnessing the fan reaction to this blurry leaked shot last month, the studio dropped the first "official" image from the new Thundercats cartoon this week... the response I saw to the images when I reposted a link from Complete Nerdom on Facebook was mostly negative, so I expect more of the same for this "official" image released by Warner Bros...

Black Science Fiction Society Logo Contest

The fine folks over at the Black Science Fiction Society are having a logo design contest, with the first prize winning $100 and a free banner ad on their website and email newsletter for one year...

Robert Love sketchbook available for Preorder!

the new Robert Love (Chocolate Thunder, Blind Monkey Style, Fierce) Sketchbook is ready for preorder on his blog...

Slaughterhouse + Black Milk = (ohmydamn)

Need some rap that is definitely NOT for people that don't like rap? Want something to bump in the parking lot at your job interview to INSURE you will not get the job? Then you need to get your hands on that new Slaughterhouse, player...

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