A hip hop history lesson (WAIT! Don't leave, it's got PICTURES!)

My email fam and comicbook dude Mike Hawthorne (Conan: Road of Kings, Hysteria, The Un-Men) sent me a blast about this poster The History of Rap by prolific magazine illustrator Kagan Mcleod (of the clan Mcleod), so I just had to go looking for more information and pictures because I'm a big dork...

Big Daddy Kane, Bussa Bus and The RZA posing with the poster...
"If you haven't seen the work before, it's an 18 x 30, 2-sided poster, with almost 500 portraits of rappers, in the best chronological order I could come up with." says the illustrator on his website. "The back has trading card style information on each artist. The image was selected to be in this year's American Illustration annual, and in Canada, the Applied Arts illustration annual."
My hand hurts just thinking about drawing all those portraits...
This is the biggest pic I could find. If you want to see it any closer, you'll hafta buy it. It's available for just $20, so click here to cop it!  Once you buy it, you may feel worthy to peep his website for more spillage.
before I let you go, here's a totally unrelated MF DOOM/Mos Def concert flier he did.

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