Webcomic Review--> "Interrogation 101"

One of my readers who frequently comments (Arkonbey aka Rick Evans) does an online series of short stories called Obscure Tales which I read from time to time, and I just HAD to recommend the most recent comic Interrogation 101, written by Andre Messier.

The Sales Pitch:
A veteran police detective is faced with an uncooperative thug with important inforamtion. Can the dectective's new partner get the information they need?
Evans does a great job illustrating Messier's script, which feels like the opening sequence to an action movie or television show! They manage to create a sequence that is satisfying but also open-ended. Click here to read Interrogation 101 now on the Obscure Tales website.



decapod said...

Just read it and really liked it.

Arkonbey said...

Hey! Thanks, man! That pretty much made my weekend.

Really glad you liked it. Mr. Messier was thinking of continuing the story, maybe giving those guys their own title...

Wallruss said...

Yet another good find. Keep them coming.

samax said...

@ decapod & Wallrus- word! thanks for reading and I appreciate the comments guys!

@ Arkonbey- LOL! No problem, bro... I would love to see more of this! The characters and the situation seems like it has lots of potential!

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