Build and Destroy w/Josh Boulet

Here's a brief interview of Dallas area indie comics phenom Josh Boulet (The Green Reefer, The Wrong Night in Texas), conducted by my dude Michael Lagocki...

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Josh is an example of someone who was inspired by my early self-publishing efforts as part of the mighty GhostWerks crew, only to be so prolific that he makes me look bad! So the moral of the story is don't inspire anyone. No, wait, that's not it... OH! What I MEANT to say is that if you want to pick an indie dude to ride with, Josh is your man. Beneath his unshaven stoner exterior beats the heart of a hustler! As he hints at in the video, if you order one of his books, you should know that he created it. He printed it. He licked the stamp! Anyways, to read more of my rambling about Josh click here.

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