PREVIEW: RPM #3 by Mick Foley, Shane Riches & Jose Holder

Revere is in some deep doo-doo, as this high-rate messenger tries to deliver his package... his heightened sensory perception and the Matrix-like mad skills it gives him are generally enough to keep him out of trouble... but then, there was this girl...
here's the Sales Pitch:
A stunning secret is revealed as wrestling-superstar Mick Foley amps up the action and intrigue in his fast-paced thriller! Revere now knows that the hired guns on his tail were not after the diamond -- problem is he’s inadvertently let them acquire their real target! To retrieve the priceless package, Revere must tackle the dangers of the Washington DC tunnels to infiltrate a high security embassy. But can even his hyper-kinetic depth perception save him as he navigates underground passageways, narrow hallways, and the confines of an embassy filled with thugs ordered to shoot to kill?

Good stuff from Foley, Riches and nice art again from Jose Holder (Brian Stelfreeze's cover doesn't suck either). There's no money in the budget for this right now, but I'm definitely looking to cop this trade when it comes out!


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