I'm a leave this right here: "Let's Print a Comic (& Not Screw It Up" #MakeComics

 I'm a huge nerd about self-publishing, so I love the fact that one of Iron Circus Comics highest-selling products is a book about printing comics.  Let's Print a Comic (& Not Screw It Up) is the Inception-style dream within a dream: an indie digital comic about printing your digital indie comics...

#SheGoHard- BEST SHOT by Rocky Rivera

"Fuck a meta narrative when I give my testimony
Never been to grad school, but master of the ceremony ..."


Okay... I cuts for TIN BOTT!

This Big Trouble in Little China fan art by Tin Bott is the tip of the iceberg... 

GhettoManga 2018 Emcee of the Year

"Ain't no need to fear the Devil, baby when GOD show up. Amen."  
In case you care about my opinion, the emcee who impressed me the most in 2018 is Houston area alpha male Tobe Nwigwe ("WEE gway").

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