Ninja-G is the hero we need right now.

I have long pushed the idea that many of the world's problem would be best solved by ninjas
Proof: I was feeling bad about all the things today, then I saw this black female ninja with an afro and now I feel better.

"Look At All These Slave Masters Posing On Your Dollar (Get it)"

I'm working hella hard to catch up on my freelance work, and listening to music to keep my brain humming. A few minutes ago, I checked out the new Run The Jewls video JU$T (f/Pharrell Williams and Zack De La Rocha)...

Person Woman Man Camera TV.  Are you ready to comply?

Hip Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining Flier

I just got an email from pop culture historian/journalist, DJ, and self-identified Hip Hop and Comics guy Patrick Reed, who is moderating a star-studded Hip Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining panel for San Diego Comic-Con's virtual convention next week. 

I'm excited to share the flier he sent me below.

"Dungeons & Dragons" Live Action NETFLIX Trailer! (Not really)

Oh my Dungeon Master... So I was just scrolling Facebook and saw what I was ready to assume was a legit af Dungeons & Dragons cosplay squad when I found out it was actually the cast of a Brazilian car commercial...

I Got Five Disney Dollar On It...

In this week's episode of When American Individualism Goes Wrong, Disney World reopened this week despite record levels of new Covid19 infections in Florida.  So twitter dad Tim Satre put the music from the Jordan Peele thriller US over the Disney World commercial.

"The Subtle Genius Behind the Prowler (Into the Spider-Verse Video Essay)" by Socratic Cinema

I stumbled upon this awesome video essay about The Prowler, a pivotal character from Into the Spider-Verse.


I got around to watching the trailer for Umbrella Academy Season 2 today, and I figured you'd want to see it, if you haven't already.

Piskor and Rugg Build with Ralph Bakshi

I just finished watching the new Cartoonist Kayfabe interview with the mighty Ralph Bakshi! Check it out here:

Marvel Pandering to Cats Again...

This was written, drawn, and shared on Twitter by Eric M. Esquivel, but he doesn't allow retweets.  So I stole it from him.  You know... for his own good.

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