"Dungeons & Dragons" Live Action NETFLIX Trailer! (Not really)

Oh my Dungeon Master... So I was just scrolling Facebook and saw what I was ready to assume was a legit af Dungeons & Dragons cosplay squad when I found out it was actually the cast of a Brazilian car commercial...

The sales pitch:
Took this amazing Brazilian commercial and added voices and effects from the original English cartoon.


Yes.  Some Brazilian ad firm was able to do in less than two minutes what Hollywood could not since 1983: Get the kids of Dungeons & Dragons home.

Also, I find it incredibly satisfying that Venger becomes a cop at the end of the original commercial.  

Wouldn't this be a dope Netflix series?

The kids are back home in the real world, with no powers, and Venger is still after them for some reason.

The first episode is all about the kids readjusting to regular life. People think they imagined it all. They have all the signs of trauma PTSD, etc. Therapists suggest they were being abused, blaming videogames and rpgs for the consistency of their delusion.

We start to wonder if they really did imagine it all, when cops arrest a creepy long-haired old man who works at the amusement park where they disappeared who looks like Dungeon Master.

Meanwhile, possessed by the mystical power of Venger, cops start killing their friends and families in seemingly unrelated violent escalations of normal community policing.

As the circle closes on the young adventurers, they must find a way to survive and defeat a system whose every authority figure thinks they are insane.

They could do flashback scenes to stuff from the D&D world, and build the story on bringing the kids together and having them each rediscover their powers. Venger is not the only creature from the other world that crossed over with them, either...

I'd watch it! What do you think?

UPDATE- Stay tuned for my upcoming series of Dungeons & Dragons fan art!

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