A new MICE TEMPLAR series starts here!

 I'm a big fan of Glass and Oeming's anthro fantasy comic The Mice Templar, so it pleased me to see this preview of The Mice Templar IV: Legend on CBR...

Alex Ross covers "Pacific Rim" prequel comic

As you should already know, my geek flag is flying for Pacific Rim, the kaiiju-busting giant robot movie helmed by Guillermo Del Toro. The movie is due out in July, but in June, Legendary Comics is dropping a graphic novel prequel called Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, written by Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham, with pencils by Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet, and Pericles Junior, and inks by Steve Bird and Mark McKenna. So, it's not gonna be wack. Peep the cover art by the mighty Alex Ross below...

Peep the (re)birth of an evil deity in SHADOWMAN #6

If you ever find yourself in the mood for some "insane crazy, drivin' miss daisy, out her mind now I got mine yo, I'm Swazey" type isht, you GOTS ta get your hands on Shadowman, the crown jewel of the Valiant Comics revival. Peep some preview pages from issue number 6, featuring Shadowman's nemesis Master Darque and introducing his next antagonist and New Orleans' own evil deity Baron Samedi...

"I'm quick to recommend CHEW because its so bat ish crazy!"-@DwainIBe

CHEW really is an awesome comic. I write about it a lot. It shows boundless imagination and a fabulous sense of humor. Like DwainIBe, I recommend it to people all the time. But I already know many of them won't like it. After all, it's batshit crazy...

You had me at "6 Gun Gorilla"...

"First and foremost, 6 Gun Gorilla is a Western..." says writer Si Spurrier of the new genre-bending pulp revival comic he's working on with artist Jeff Stokely.  "There are a few things about it which make that description seem a bit unlikely: it's abstractly set in the future, the majority of the action occurs on another world, the central character has had groundbreaking surgery to turn him into a psychic TV-camera for the thrill-junkies watching back home and, yes, it prominently features a 500-pound gorilla with a pair of enormous guns. But, despite appearances, it oozes Western..."

Cyborg looks SUPER ILL on the cover of Justice League #18

 Cyborg's on the cover to Justice League #18, so I couldn't resist snatching this preview and and dropping it here. While we're talking black superheroes, New 52 versions of Black Lightning and Vixen appear in this issue. Plus, I will not rant about the Blue Devil redesign. Not even a little bit.

Purple Girl with Afro on cover = Post on GhettoManga? Pretty much...

It Girl & The Atomics #8
Honestly, if you put a chick with a fro on the cover of your comic, I will probably check it out. Yes, it's that easy. Purple skin is optional, but encouraged. Anyways, here's a preview of It Girl & The Atomics #8...

DO THE MATH: (LexBoogie x Beats) + (GoldiGold x Art) = (Sharks In The Golden Pond) #nowPlaying

One of my favorite illustrators, New Jersey to ATL transplant GoldiGold executive produced and smashed the illustrations for this new beat tape Sharks In The Golden Pond by School of Sharks producer the mighty Lex Boogie from the Bronx. I could not be more excited to see this pairing of super-prolific and talented art monsters! Listen to the fruits below...

Here's some tour dates and music from DEL

Yeah, I met Del in 2010. He epitomizes everything we stand for at GhettoManga! Loves comics. Makes dope music. Fiercely independent. If you're near any of these towns, go see him! Here's some music below...

IN STORES NOW- The Walking Dead #108

 This cover to The Walking Dead #108 by Adlard and Rathburn... is pretty tight. The 6 page preview below doesn't suck either, I guess...

That new @Murs/9th Wonder video, or 3 Problems that take the FUN out of Hip Hop

"Won't react to hate, on some boss shit.
Tryin'a read some comic books while doing crossfit.
Because the body is a temple
and all these tattoos is like stained-glass windows..."

LAST CHANCE to kick in on Production IG's "Kick Heart"

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign for Production IG's pro-wrasslin' romance anime Kick Heart and were planning on contributing via Paypal for a share of these SWEET rewards, your window of opportunity is closing fast. peep this update...

#nowPlaying "Matrix and Holograms" by Napoleon Da Legend

Peace, fam. Here's Matrix and Holograms, the new single off Napoleon Da Legend's upcoming record Awakening.

PREVIEW- Green Lantern Corps #18 by Peter Tomasi, ChrisCross and Scott Hanna

Green Lantern Corps #18
I'm not reading Green Lantern Corps, and haven't been reading it since the Sinestro Corps War storyline played the straw that broke my camelback for multibook crossovers. Still, I like the GL Corps in theory, and putting John Stewart on the cover will at least get me to look at (and probably post) a preview...

BOOK REVIEW- "Do I Have to be a Starving Artist in the 21st Century?" by Hisani P. Dubose

I created a piece of art recently about my contempt for the veneration of poverty among artists via the so-called "starving artist" archetype. It's not like I think there is something wrong with making a sacrifice for one's art. But being a so-called "starving artist" should be like being an "intern". Being a Starving Artist is acceptable as a STAGE of a career, but not as a permanent way of life. We as artists have the power to make a living inside of us, but it is a puzzle to solve, a goal to unlock. We need to start with getting the right state of mind.  We must apply some of the creativity and hard work we usually reserve for art creation to developing our business acumen and hustle. The "starving artist" mentality complicates the process by undermining the priorities that are required to succeed, until the false virtues of poverty and failure become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Fun Cartoon Trailer- "OH Snap! The Shampoo Pirates" by Sean Tate

If you are anything like me, you are gonna love the DIY-style animation in this trailer for OH Snap! The Shampoo Pirates by Sean Tate and Henry Wilson of GroundUp Sudios!

"Comics (Art + Industry)" or "Why do bad books sell so well?" by Michael Lagocki

Guest post by Michael Anthony Lagocki
Samax and I tend to talk about comics a lot. Increasingly, about the business of comics as much as the pop culture aspects. In a recent convo about the state of the industry, he asked me to share some perspective on American comic sales with you. So wrap your hands around a cold can or glass of your favorite beverage, and let's do this...

“From Prince To King, my team Elohim. Now kiss the ring” -Planet Asia

Oh my damn... It is still sinking in that Gensu Dean and Planet Asia had a FREE listening party in my city and I missed it. Y'all can go ahead and stream their brand new collabo plate Abrasions below while I find a ledge to jump off of...

Live Percenters Album Promo with art by Samax Amen (for those who missed it...)

Here's a youtube promo for the upcoming album The Corners Involved by the true-school rap crew Live Percenters. I drew the black and white headshots in this video, which will be used in a collage for the album art...


For those who don't know, Comixology is like the iTunes of comics. Leading the digital revolution and all that... so you can imagine how pleased we are that Kung Fu Skratch (formerly Kung Fu Swagger) is releasing its digital issues on the trendy iOS, Android and PC friendly platform, starting with issue one. Here's a preview of the first issue below.

#KickstartTHIS- "DRAGON SLAYER" by Devin Kraft

My buddy Devin Kraft has reached his funding goal on his Dragon Slayer Kickstarter campaign! Let's pile on and help him actually make some money. Money making comics? Far-fetched, I know... Just check this out!

Some old and new isht from that dude DJ AmDex aka Yamin Semali aka @YAMINallday

Here's a dope mixtape I found by that dude DJ AmDex (of ClanDestined) also known as Yamin Semali... ANDRE vs DANTE mixes verses and beats from the two hip hop heavyweights to create a great little record you can stream below...

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