You had me at "6 Gun Gorilla"...

"First and foremost, 6 Gun Gorilla is a Western..." says writer Si Spurrier of the new genre-bending pulp revival comic he's working on with artist Jeff Stokely.  "There are a few things about it which make that description seem a bit unlikely: it's abstractly set in the future, the majority of the action occurs on another world, the central character has had groundbreaking surgery to turn him into a psychic TV-camera for the thrill-junkies watching back home and, yes, it prominently features a 500-pound gorilla with a pair of enormous guns. But, despite appearances, it oozes Western..."

"Blue is basically a suicidal. His whole life has fallen apart. But in this future world, a person without hope needn't waste their life: they can 'sell' themselves to an entertainment network, get fitted with some creepy psychic implants and get sent off to die in a variety of entertaining situations..."

a page from the first issue by Jeff Stokely

You got guns. I got guns. meet me at the corner store...

6 Gun Gorilla is set to debut in June via BOOM! Studios, so stay tuned for more about that. Click here to read Spurrier's interview with Ryan Ingram on CBR.



corance said...

I love that he has solar panels on his pancho. When in the desert, do what you must.

samax amen said...


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