Hip Hop action comic "Song of Songs" goes to Manga format starting this spring!

Song of Songs is about a fun-loving group of young carefree hip hop heads that have a serious wake up call when one of their group, Kay, is kidnapped by Bello, a monstrous local gangster. Her boyfriend Isaiah enlists his friends and extended network of street cats to arm up and get her back.The book, which was sold in traditional full-color comic book format (or "floppies" as the kids like to call 'em nowadays), will be released in 180 page black and white right-to-left manga volumes starting Spring 2013 (aka coming mad soon). Peep the preview of how it will look below...

As long-time readers know,  I've been following Song of Songs the Comicbook for a long time, so I've read these pages before, but I LOVE how they look in black and white! The new manga format joints are not ready to order yet, but I will make sure to put you on when it's ready. Then again, you can click here to go to the website and join the mailing list, so you'll be notified when the new 180 page joint is ready!


corance said...

Sounds great. I love the concepts in this comic.

But, why right to left?

At any rate, I'm down.

samax amen said...

Yeah, SOS is dope.

I can't answer your question about the format change. I'm always perplexed by western cartoonists that choose to do r-to-l comics, since the dialogue will still be read left to right.

Whatever the case, I read enough manga that I can read both comfortably.

Maybe the author or another manga-ka can give some insight...

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