Peep the (re)birth of an evil deity in SHADOWMAN #6

If you ever find yourself in the mood for some "insane crazy, drivin' miss daisy, out her mind now I got mine yo, I'm Swazey" type isht, you GOTS ta get your hands on Shadowman, the crown jewel of the Valiant Comics revival. Peep some preview pages from issue number 6, featuring Shadowman's nemesis Master Darque and introducing his next antagonist and New Orleans' own evil deity Baron Samedi...

Shadowman TPB Vol. 01 Birth Rites So for those just joining us, Shadowman stars Jack Boniface, a dark hero that defends Nawlins from things darker still. The scripts by Justin Jordan are rich and dark, and Patrick Zircher seems like he has hit the steep rising part of the learning curve, with each page of art being even better than the last! If you like confused and conflicted heroes going hard against seemingly unbeatable odds, you should be messing with Shadowman. Number 6 is the second issue of Darque Reckoning, the book's second story arc. Click here to get your hands on Shadowman: Birth Rites, which collects the first story arc, and look out for Shadowman #6 in stores April 3rd.


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