#KickstartTHIS- "DRAGON SLAYER" by Devin Kraft

My buddy Devin Kraft has reached his funding goal on his Dragon Slayer Kickstarter campaign! Let's pile on and help him actually make some money. Money making comics? Far-fetched, I know... Just check this out!

"I really love how it turned out," Devin said in a brief conversation we had on Facebook a couple days ago. "Although I'll always be biased, I really sat down and made this one shine. It's got a life of its own!"

I met Devin Kraft at STAPLE! in Austin a couple years ago, but he actually lives in Dallas. Devin is a fiercely independent cartoonist, and self-publisher of many fine comics through his Cheshire Cat Comics imprint. Having talked to him as well as purchased and read lots of his comics, I can say that Dragon Slayer looks to be not only his best his work to date, but a perfect blend of the strongest influences on his work.

"I looked to manga visionaries like Otomo Katsuhiro and Terada Katsuya as well as western comic legends such as Moebius and Geof Darrow for their incredible attention to detail." 
Even as a fan of Devin's work, I was really impressed with what I saw when I checked out the Kickstarter. But Devin assures me these preview pages are just the tip of the iceberg:
It gets better! These pages are me just sitting down and working without a deadline and breathing as much into every panel as I could."

That's what's up. Click here to get in on Dragon Slayer and check out the rewards he's offering in addition to the comic.

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