PREVIEW- Green Lantern Corps #18 by Peter Tomasi, ChrisCross and Scott Hanna

Green Lantern Corps #18
I'm not reading Green Lantern Corps, and haven't been reading it since the Sinestro Corps War storyline played the straw that broke my camelback for multibook crossovers. Still, I like the GL Corps in theory, and putting John Stewart on the cover will at least get me to look at (and probably post) a preview...

Green Lantern Corps #18

While I don't think he is terribly popular among hardcore GL fans, his prominence in the Justice League cartoons means John Stewart is the character most associated with Green Lantern for a generation of kids (and probably a high percentage of adults). I don't think the Van Wilder Lantern movie or the recent animated GL toons have changed that, so it really perplexes me that DC still seems to treat John like a D-lister.
Anyways, it's great to see ChrisCross drawing John Stewart. I'm a huge fan of ChrisCross since his Milestone days, and would love to see him on a monthly (or at least regular) gig. A Stewart solo book would be a nice choice, but I'd prefer to see another writer. No disrespect to Tomasi, but I would prefer to see ChrisCross reunited with Peter David or Priest. While I'm dreaming, let's ditch the inker and hook him back up with Chris Sotomayor, whose painted color of ChrisCross on the Peter David-scripted Captain Marvel serves as a high-water mark in ChrisCross's work. The style ChrisCross and Sotomayor pulled off on that book would work just as well for a Green Lantern book as it did on fellow space-faring superdude Captain Marvel.
Okay, back to the real world... Green Lantern Corps #18 drops March 13th, so look for it in stores, or click here to order it on Things From Another World.


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