Some old and new isht from that dude DJ AmDex aka Yamin Semali aka @YAMINallday

Here's a dope mixtape I found by that dude DJ AmDex (of ClanDestined) also known as Yamin Semali... ANDRE vs DANTE mixes verses and beats from the two hip hop heavyweights to create a great little record you can stream below...

You're welcome. ANDRE VS DANTE came out in 2010, but this is my first time listening to it. I really enjoyed it... You can cop it on Yamin Semali's bandcamp for 5 bucks. For those not familiar with him, Yamin is a phenomenal emcee and producer in his own right, which is evident to anyone who's listened to his solo album YAMIN, which dropped last month. 

YAMIN  features the photo art of Linda Costa. The digipak comes with a 12-page booklet including song lyrics.
YAMIN is available in digital and cd formats, so click here to order it. It'll be a welcome addition to any hiphop-friendly hard-drive and/or CD collection.


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