Purple Girl with Afro on cover = Post on GhettoManga? Pretty much...

It Girl & The Atomics #8
Honestly, if you put a chick with a fro on the cover of your comic, I will probably check it out. Yes, it's that easy. Purple skin is optional, but encouraged. Anyways, here's a preview of It Girl & The Atomics #8...

I actually know very little about It Girl & Atomics (except that it was a spin-off of Mike Allred's Madman And The Atomics) but many people have recommended it to me. This cover officially pushed me over the edge of curiosity, so I did some research:
Madman And The Atomics TPB Vol 1
According to the internets, the Atomics started out as the Mutant Street Beatniks, a team mutated by alien spores into wart-covered monsters who (for some reason) blamed Madman for their grimy condition. Once the team evolved, shedding their grotesque exteriors and gaining sweet superpowers, they were rechristened The Atomics. Now that all that business has been cleared up, Madman and he Atomics are cool again... he even hooked them up with a secret lair and everything.
So anyways, It Girl has the hella useful ability to copy other people's superpowers through contact and to transform her body into any material she touches. Sort of a combination of Rogue from X-men and the villainous Absorbing Man (or Amazo and Amazing Man for the DC heads). 
It Girl & Atomics Round One Dark Streets Snap City TPB
Of course, nobody's suggesting that I (or you) should go blind into the eighth issue of a spinoff indie comic sight unseen (but that purple girl is tempting, I know). Click here to get your hands on It Girl & Atomics Round One: Dark Streets, Snap City TPB, and/or Madman And The Atomics Vol 1 (or check your local comic shop for 'em) to get yourself started. Or, if you're feeling really frisky, just cop It Girl & The Atomics #8, which is in stores now.
So, if you're one of those folks who's already a fan of It Girl and/or the Atomics, this is a good time to chime in via comment or social web and add your voice to the chorus of peers pressuring me to get in on it while I'm drunk on that purple afro sheen...


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