I Probably shouldn't Show you this yet, but...

I can't HELP myself! People would probably buy my magazines and comics more if I didn't show them so much of it free on the internet, but I figure, if the knowledge that you can get never-before-printed comics from Josh Boulet (The Wrong Night in Texas, The Green Reefer) and Brock Rizy (Emily Edison, Catbear Traffic Control) PLUS an 8 page preview of Felipe Smith's ground-breaking culture clash manga Peepo Choo (printed in the back of the issue, so's you can read it right-to-left like he intended, of course) doesn't get you to buy the summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, then letting you peek at this page of Manchild: Birthday Boy I finished yesterday won't make much difference, either!

Enter and WIN a FREE Copy of Felipe Smith's new manga PEEPO CHOO!

Vertical, the publisher of the American Language translation of Felipe Smith's ground-breaking manga series Peepo Choo sent me a few copies of the first volume, and it's DOPE! There will be a full-length review in the summer issue of the GhettoManga Quarterly print magazine, but I wanna give YOU a chance to WIN a free copy of Peepo Choo before it hits stores July 13th!
Since I have two extra copies (gotta keep one for myself), I'll do not one, but two contests! That's right, fammo... here's your chance to win a piece of manga history: Peepo  Choo is the first manga ever published by a major Japanese publisher by an American cartoonist!

Columbus' Finest Return with another Classic

greetings fam... guess it's just a bandcamp kinda day! peep some brand spankin' new fire from Blueprint and Illogic, known collectively as GREENHOUSE...

Because Beat Jacking is SO Biblical...

Yeah, so your momma's favorite hip hop duo, Playdough and deejay Sean "Fresh like Sean P" Patrick, got the new Bible Bus Mixtape for you on Bandcamp. Lest you sleep, I must say, it's dope. for the affordable price of free... peep the skillz below.

ATLANTA!!! What you doin' Tuesday Night?

for all my ATLiens, my dude Flux sent me this flier he smashed out for the video premiere party for Don't Mean a Thing... here, I'll let HIM tell it:

Kids, DON'T try this at HOME!

Here's some clips from Boondocks Episode 9

This week's Boondocks episode see's your boy Tom, having apparently conquered his fear of anal rape, take the boys to visit the Willy Horton Maximum Security prison.

REVIEW: "Chew Volume 2 International Flavor"

When I went in to the comic shop on Wednesday, I knew I intended to buy CHEW Volume 2: International Flavor.  I promised myself that once I started reading it, I would only read one chapter at a time. I wanted to let each issue sink in and marinate the way they do when you read 'em as monthly comics. It was a good plan, but one ultimately doomed to failure... because once I started reading, I couldn't put it down.

Start the Day off RIGHT!!!!

A big fat Ninjasday shout-out to the fine folks at the Gritty Committee for posting this new C-Rayz Walz video... my friends know I have an inexplicable attachment to C-Rayz ever since buying his album Ravipops at that discount ceedee store at Lover's Ln and Greenville Ave a few years ago...

Boondocks TOASTED Tyler Perry this episode!

Okay, in case you somehow missed it, here's the complete basting of Tyler Perry they conducted over on The Boondocks.

Having a Rough day? Bump THIS!!!

<a href="http://playdough.bandcamp.com/track/ohriginal">OhRiginal by PLAYDOUGH</a>
yeah, you're welcome :)


AUSTIN: Del + Rah Digga + DJ Maseo + Spill Dot Con = YESSIR!

apparently it's going down for REALS this weekend in Austin,TX aka Casual City aka the Live Music Capital of the World... your peoples Del The Funkee Homosapien, Rah Digga, Maseo of De La, E Swift from Tha Liks, and more will smash the Spill Dot Con Animation Film Festival! Peep the flier and/or go to Spill.com/fest for more details, tough guy!

Motor City Black Age of Comics 2010 is Coming! DETROIT STAND UP!

If you're gonna be in the Detroit area the weekend of July 10th, Don't forget the Motor City Black age is approaching and its approaching us fast.

Felipe Smith returns to America! sorta...

I have lots of new readers who may have never heard of Felipe Smith, the brilliant cartoonist behind MBQ, one of my favorite graphic novels, and his new manga PEEPO CHOO that he's been working on since he relocated to Tokyo in 2008. Adding to the avalanche of dope comics hitting the planet this summer, the English language version of Peepo Choo drops next month, and Felipe recently told me he would be at San Diego Comicon promoting it.

New MF GRIMM/Jim Mahfood Collabo

hip hop and comics intertwine like double helix once more as ghettoManga favorites MF GRIMM (Sentences:The Life of MF GRIMM) and Jim Mahfood (LA Ink Stains, Grrl Scouts, Mixtape) join forces to bring you MF GRIMM's new album You Only Live Twice...

DJ Dust + Playdough + JAX + Manchild + Sci = LAWDAMERCY!!!

this is a track off of Sound Methods, an early Mars ILL joint. This is my first time hearing it, but I had to share it...

Quote of The Day

"Live by percentages or die by them- it’s your choice. Even a kindergartner knows how many pennies are in a dollar, after all. You should too…"
-Thomas Hall (Robot 13, Indy Comicbook Fail)

The Unknown Soldier is Dead...

Vee broke my heart yesterday when he emailed me with the news that DC/Vertigo's awesome horror/action comic Unknown Soldier has been canceled. I didn't want to believe it... ever since Vee put me onto it, Unknown Soldier has been one of the comics that I was most excited to read whenever I got it home from the comic shop.

ya hear THAT, ya slobs: I'm FAMOUS!

If you've been with me a while, you may already know that I'm featured in the upcoming book Black Comix: African American Independent Comics, Art and Culture by underground comics dudes Damian Duffy and John Jennings (The Hole: Consumer Culture). I had no idea that my drawing of Maddy from Champion of Children would make it onto the cover of that joint, until my dude Vee of ScritchAndScratch.com put me on!

Casanova is BACK!

To show that they aren't TOTALLY stupid, Marvel is bringing back Matt Fraction's genre-bending indie smash Casanova (of which I have a 3 page preview below) under its Icon imprint.  If you like Fraction from his Marvel books (like Immortal Iron Fist, and Iron Man) give Casanova a look. Hell, even if you never HEARD of Matt Fraction, show brazillion twin terrors Gabriel Ba (Umbrella Academy) and Fabio Moon (Smoke and Guns, Ursula) some mother effing love, fammo!

Between Backbreakanomics and Pro Pain

The two man emcee-deeJay team of Manchild and Dust, known collectively as Mars ILL, is right up there with my favorite rap crews of all time. From what I can tell, they dropped the 15 track jewel Pirate Radio after their sophomore studio album Backbreakanomics and before their third Pro Pain. In 2009, I ran across the title track to Pirate Radio on YouTube, but couldn't find the record anywhere... until now!

more "Black Aqualad" news

I swiped this picture of the new Aqualad off'a DC's newsblog The Source. Apparently, the new Aqualad (who we dropped info about in regards to the new Young Justice show coming to Cartoon Network) will have elemental powers, similar to his predecessor Tempest (who wasn't black, but did sport a respectable afro)...

Watch Out for the Magic Bullet!!!

Dark Horse, USA Today, and Toshiba announce multi-platform Collabo

comics publishing giant Dark Horse is teaming up with USA Today (following the success of their Wednesday Comics collabo with DC) to print several Dark Horse properties in the pages of USA Today, according to a press release. Also, technology standard-bearer Toshiba will deliver Dark Horse's content in digital formats. The so-called DH:HD (Dark Horse: Hi-Def) program kicks off today, as America will get their first look at best-selling author Janet Evanovich’s first graphic novel, Troublemaker (with art by Joelle Jones,who draws one hell of a good Saint Bernard!), in USA Today. I've posted the first 7 pages of Troublemaker (swiped from the fine folks at Newsarama.com) and the Dark Horse press release below, for your reading pleasure...

Review: Missile Mouse Hardcover

I went to the public library with my daughter yesterday, and while I was there, checked out a copy of Missile Mouse: Star Crusher the brand new hardcover by rising star cartoonist Jake Parker (Flight, Agent 44).

new CHEW Wallpaper and Press Release!

here's a little something for all my CHEW fans out there!  Big news from the CHEWniverse via press release below regarding the double-sized CHEW #15. Apparently, the series will end at #60 (which is news to me), which makes #15 sort of a milestone... anyways, peep the press release (and the fresh Wallpaper by series artist Rob Guillory) below.

My Staceytron piece...

Imaginatron by Samax Amen

PREVIEW: Predators #1

Robert Rodriguez went to Dark Horse interested in dropping a comicbook prequel to his heavily anticipated testosterone rush Predators, so expect a weekly dose of Predators in comics form, starting today. In addition to the cover for #1 above, I got some preview pages for you below.
Here's the Sales Pitch

Start the Day off RIGHT------->

Good morning... here's Tribal War (f/ K'naan), off Nas and Damian Marley's banging new collabo album Distant Relatives

PREVIEW: King City #9

The parade of new material continues on King City with issue #9.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Deep inside the Owl gangs lair Joe finds a map to the most evil spot in all of King city. While the menace of the demon king's return looms over them, Joe and Pete go to get sandwiches. Plus: This issue has a playable King city board game.

PREVIEW: Chew #11

If you haven't been reading CHEW, the story of a federal agent who can sense the entire history of anything he eats, then you'll wanna buy the first trade, Taster's Choice to see what all the fuss is about. For the rest of us cool kids, I posted a preview of CHEW #11 below.

Rhymefest + Phonte + S1 = "Say Wassup"

Here's the video to Say Wassup, off Rhymefest's long-awaited new sophomore album El Che.

That new Cee Lo "Stray Bullets" Mixtape

"Signatured and Sung the Shit Out Of by Cee Lo Green, aka Sugar Lo Leonard, aka Lothar of the Ill People, aka Mr. Lo Jangles, aka Lo Lucas (African American Gangster), aka Locifer, etc.etc… Executive Produced by “The Mild Mannered, But Murderous” Mike Caren. Recorded and Mixed by Graham Marsh. Mastered by John Horesco IV. Assisted by Juliette Amoroso, Anthony Kronfle & Jesse Johnstone" get a Preview listen below

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