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"Live by percentages or die by them- it’s your choice. Even a kindergartner knows how many pennies are in a dollar, after all. You should too…"
-Thomas Hall (Robot 13, Indy Comicbook Fail)

Making comics is an uphill climb. Making money making comics is a herculean accomplishment! I'm not saying that to throw a wet blanket over the aspiring indy phenom... just being honest. And the same goes double for Thomas Hall of Blacklist Studios. You might miss the silver lining in the gloomy cloud of his awesome blog series Indy Comicbook Fail which details all the ways indy cats eff up their biznass, but I promise you, it's there! Besides the fact that it's written with all the snark that the blogosphere has made you accustomed to, it pretty much tells you what you need to do (and NOT do) to be successful IF you know how to read betwixt the lines... so gird your loins and sensitive little feelings and click here... you might LEARN something!
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Vee (Scratch) said...

I'm going to read all of those columns.

samax said...

word. I'm still reading through 'em. what I've read is really good, though!

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