new CHEW Wallpaper and Press Release!

here's a little something for all my CHEW fans out there!  Big news from the CHEWniverse via press release below regarding the double-sized CHEW #15. Apparently, the series will end at #60 (which is news to me), which makes #15 sort of a milestone... anyways, peep the press release (and the fresh Wallpaper by series artist Rob Guillory) below.

 Press release:
Image Comics' CHEW marks the first quarter of its run with a special 15th issue

CHEW is a certified hit, and to celebrate CHEW's 15th issue, which marks the end of the first quarter of the book's run and hits store shelves September 29, writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory are thanking fans with a slew of special features.

"We wanted to do something really special for CHEW #15," says Layman. "Honestly, we never thought we'd make it this far, and we wanted to do something above-and-beyond for the fans and retailers who have supported us."

Layman adds, "We're going 60 issues, and CHEW #15 is the quarter mark of the run. This is a big issue in a lot of ways. We introduce the last two remaining major supporting characters in the book, which would be eventful enough. But there are also a couple of shocking events -- one so big, it's really going to fundamentally change the book. So, we thought we'd commemorate the issue with something special. Extra pages. A tri-fold poster cover. And we're giving you all the goodies for $2.99 -- the same price as a regular issue of CHEW!"

"Nothing will be the same after CHEW #15," declares Guillory. "That's not hype. Not a gimmick. The status quo of this book is about to be annihilated."

CHEW #15 is the final chapter of "Just Desserts" and the biggest story in CHEW history, figuratively and literally. As we reach the one-quarter mark of the CHEW run, the last remaining major characters are introduced and an event transpires that is so shocking and unexpected it changes the book forever, fundamentally and irrevocably.

CHEW #15, a full-color 32-page comic book from Image Comics featuring more story pages and a tri-fold poster cover, will be available for $2.99 on September 29, 2010. 

and for those who missed the preview to CHEW #11 peep it here.


Arkonbey said...

just ordered the Chew tpb! Really, just 45 minutes ago we got back from our local indie bookstore. Can't wait.

Picked up volume one and two of Kazu Kibuishi's Amulet series. Man. Between "Copper", "Daisy Cutter" and the Flight series, that guy is making us spend so much money on comics.

samax said...

Kazu is the shit! I bought book 2 of "Amulet" on my birthday trip to Half-Price Books last March (still need to write my review).

here's my review of the first one:

Kazu occupies rarefied air in my book... up there with the greats ...

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