I just finished some new Manchild pages

(yeah, he's getting ready to say something mad ignorant...)
okay, I knocked out two new Manchild pages today, but I'll probably wait until next week to post them, since I don't have a lotta weekend readers anyways. The new stuff is for the second chapter of Manchild: Birthday Boy, which will appear in the summer issue of GhettoManga Magazine. I will get my slave on and try to finish the chapter this week, and will hopefully go to print in time to get the issue out to subscribers in July. In case you have NO idea what I'm talking about, Manchild: Birthday Boy chapter one appeared in print in the debut issue of GhettoManga Quarterly (still available here).


Arkonbey said...


"I don't mean to be rude" ranks up there with "now I've got nothing against ________, but"

Of course, if you're from the south, all you have to do is end what you say with "bless your/his/her heart" and all is good.

samax said...


I know all about "bless your/his/her heart" (of course, I'm from Texas!)

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