Start the Day off Right

No Mo' by g. LeDaris.
Copped this off Bavu's twitter last night...  this joint is fire, party people, so you have my endorsement to follow the download links and drop that in your mix rotation. But beyond that No Mo' is a great way to start your Tuesday (especially if your Monday sucked...) I've never heard of this dude g. LeDaris, but I've sure as hell heard of him now!

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The Honest Ape said...

Man...this shit is dope.

samax said...


g. LeDaris | gL said...

Yo, Samax. This is g. LeDaris. Man I appreciate the Love on the Single Man. Glad you are enjoying the Music. I got plenty of more brewing in the Lab. I hope you enjoy the rest of the selections just as much. Keep in touch man. Join the Mailing list and I'll be sure to keep you informed on all the Upcoming Projects!!! and by the way Your blog is dope man!!! I keep one myself.

I'm Audi, 5000.

samax said...

no doubt! I'll do that right now...

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