Enter and WIN a FREE Copy of Felipe Smith's new manga PEEPO CHOO!

Vertical, the publisher of the American Language translation of Felipe Smith's ground-breaking manga series Peepo Choo sent me a few copies of the first volume, and it's DOPE! There will be a full-length review in the summer issue of the GhettoManga Quarterly print magazine, but I wanna give YOU a chance to WIN a free copy of Peepo Choo before it hits stores July 13th!
Since I have two extra copies (gotta keep one for myself), I'll do not one, but two contests! That's right, fammo... here's your chance to win a piece of manga history: Peepo  Choo is the first manga ever published by a major Japanese publisher by an American cartoonist!

For the first contest, just send me an email with your name and mailing address to contests@ghettoManga.com and I'll enter you into the drawing! Just make sure to put PEEPO CHOO MANGA CONTEST in the  subject line, so your entry gets counted! Just one entry per mailing address, please (so you and your ten brothers and sisters will hafta share). OH YEAH! You must be 18 years or older to enter... Peepo Choo has more sex, violence and profanity than you can shake a stick at, so kids need to wait for the next contest, sorry!
Also, I'll do a Felipe Smith Fan Art contest! Just draw one or more characters from Peepo Choo or Felipe's previous book MBQ or even a drawing of Felipe himself, and the one I like the best will receive a free copy of the PEEPO CHOO vol 1! Any medium is fine... draw, paint, whatever... heck, if you wanna DRESS UP and take photographs, that's cool, too! just make sure to put FELIPE SMITH ART CONTEST in the subject line AND include your mailing address to enter! And I know what you're wondering: yes, you can enter BOTH contests for two chances to win! Just send two separate emails to enter both contests.
But get a move on! Both contests end Friday, July 9th! Send your entries  to contests@ghettoManga.com... I'll be looking out for them!


Arkonbey said...

Damn! This would be so cool, but I've got no time to do it up.

Leaving the 4th for a 5-day bike trip that I've done very little to prepare for.

samax said...

you can still enter win the drawing (first contest) even if you don't have time to DO a drawing (second contest)! just email your mailing address to contests@ghettomanga.com... include PEEPO CHOO MANGA CONTEST as the subject line!

Same Ol' Bob said...

Oh I definitely gotta do this! I loved MBQ and Peepo Choo looks damn cool as well.

samax said...

Peepo is a lot like MBQ, but more complex and extreme. There's stuff in here that definitely wouldn't fly at most American comics publishers...

Same Ol' Bob said...

When I picked up MBQ a few months ago, I was actually kinda surprised with some of the stuff it had in there, although it's still pretty tame compared to most manga.

samax said...

right. I agree completely. Peepo Choo is... a lot less tame...

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