Here's some clips from Boondocks Episode 9

This week's Boondocks episode see's your boy Tom, having apparently conquered his fear of anal rape, take the boys to visit the Willy Horton Maximum Security prison.

This is reportedly the final season of Aaron McGruder's hit show, and when I watch an episode like this one (ahem...entitled A Date with the Booty Warrior), I believe it. Clearly, McGruder is trying to burn the house down on the way out. Sometimes, the boldness of the show has yielded some truly classic episodes this season, but this wasn't one of them. Still, The Boondocks will definitely be missed if it does, in fact, end after this season.
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BONUS: oh, MSNBC... what would we do without you?


Anonymous said...

Hated this episode.
So awful.
I get that the writers of this show are pretty homophobic, but damn...really?


samax said...

I hear you... I'm pretty sure they are pulling the stops out. Like I said, it looks like they are planning on alienating everyone if they can this season...

Empath said...

"Sometimes, the boldness of the show has yielded some truly classic episodes this season, but this wasn't one of them."
I hear you on this. I am not sure what they were trying to achieve with this episode. It missed me.

samax said...

Right. Boondocks is at its best when using its fearlessness to frame revolutionary ideas or mock the hypocrisy of public figures. Here, that instinct seems to take backseat to making fun of Fleece Johnson... (see the bonus video)

that's kinda funny, but not much to base an entire episode on. Plus Fleece is an obscure figure (from MSNBC's prison documentary series)... my wife loves that show, but didn't immediately catch the joke.

like AE's comment pointed out, homosexual jokes are too frequent on Boondocks to make this episode necessary, or even interesting.

In a season that's been more hit than miss so far, this one feels like filler.

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