New MF GRIMM/Jim Mahfood Collabo

hip hop and comics intertwine like double helix once more as ghettoManga favorites MF GRIMM (Sentences:The Life of MF GRIMM) and Jim Mahfood (LA Ink Stains, Grrl Scouts, Mixtape) join forces to bring you MF GRIMM's new album You Only Live Twice...
Mahfood supplies the front and back cover art as well as the art on the ceedee itself (remember those round things you used to record your mp3's on?), PLUS a 13 page booklet with a fresh piece of art for each track. Each copy is signed by GRIMM and Food, and has an original drawing ta boot!

get your hands on that joint at the 40 Oz Comics website, or go out and cop the digital download at your favorite outlet on some modern isht...

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