god-king Xerxes will headline Next Snyder/Miller collabo

It's no secret that your man Frank Miller started on a prequel to the graphic novel that spawned the runaway hit adaptation 300 once that Hollywood paper started a-rollin' in, but those sons-a-guns at the L.A Times actually squeezed out some preview art from him...

Xerxes, a six issue prequel to Miller's 300 one shot, will be grander in scope, covering the Persian ruler's rise to godhood, and impending war on the world. Of course, don't expect Xerxes to be the star of the book... this is MILLER, after all, so we'll follow around an Athenian warlord named Themistocles who will be the real star. In the Times article, Miller shows no pain over the controversy surrounding Zack Snyder's adaptation of 300 which he describes as "a deliberate propaganda piece" designed to be taken not as history, but as a version of history the way the Spartans would tell it. While not apologizing for his portrayal of the god-King, Miller did say that Xerxes will have more me time in the new book, and may actually come off as a human being, not an androgynous monster...
but enough of my stumbling paraphrases and quotation marks... if you wanna read the LA Times interview with Miller and news about Snyder's likely adaptation of Xerxes, click here.

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B_Steelo said...

YES! I watched 300 again and it was propaganda. I can kind of see the vision of where this is going

samax said...


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