NEW VIDEO- "HOT DAMN" by Venomous2000 & Trilian

Yeah, you should already know this song Hot Damn, because I should have already dropped my review of Venomous2000 & Trilian's dope ass collabo album Sounds of the Great Ones.  But I didn't.  So you don't.  Blaming me is not gonna fix anything, so let's just dive into the new video, and we can all agree that I helped by showing it to you...

Oeming is DESTROYING the art on CAVE CARSON!

DC's handed the keys to some lesser characters to Gerard Way for his Young Animal label of books, and he is making some damn good comics.  My favorite is the incredible Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye with incredible cartoon art by the mighty Mike Oeming (Powers, Mice Templar, Hammer of the Gods).

The Ladies of DC go HARD in BOMBSHELLS

I have absolutely no idea what's going on in with this comic BOMBSHELLS, othern than the fact that DC has Laura Braga and Richard Ortiz churning out some serious art on this book...

IN STORES NOW- Odyssey of the Amazons #3 by Kevin Grevioux, Don Ho and Ryan Benjamin

With the Wonder Woman flick on horizon, DC is smartly raising the profile of Diana's mythos with a sweet series Odyssey of the Amazons written by that dude Kevin Grevioux (Underworld, The Blue Marvel, Spider-Man vs Vampires).

Mascot for the Obamacare repeal appears on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

It warms my heart anytime I see teevee shows are employing artists to draw stuff to go with their programming.  Here we are introduced to SuckIt, the Don't Care Bear -new Mascot for the Republican's Obamacare repeal- in Colbert's monologue...

In Stores Now- LADYCASTLE #1 by Delilah Dawson and Ashley Woods

 If you trust me to tell you who to keep your eye on, you should already know about rising star artist Ashley Woods (Millennia War, Niobe), but if you haven't been listening, she goes extremely hard with this art shit.  She supplied the art to Delilah S Dawson's postmodern princess tale LADYCASTLE.  Peep some preview art below...

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