Mascot for the Obamacare repeal appears on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

It warms my heart anytime I see teevee shows are employing artists to draw stuff to go with their programming.  Here we are introduced to SuckIt, the Don't Care Bear -new Mascot for the Republican's Obamacare repeal- in Colbert's monologue...

Obama liked the idea of the Affordable Care Act being called Obamacare, but the new Prez doesn't want his name associated with the plan his party's got on deck.  Besides cooking up an outstanding new idea to pitch to Adult Swim (you know you would watch the shit out of The Don't Care Bears), this monologue has some hilarious gems, including a dude who warns against taxing the sun and fronting on Trump's squashed beef with Ted Cruz.
Good stuff.

Have great day!

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