OH SHNAP! JINNRISE Vol 2 drops this week! (@AndrewHuerta93 is a friggin BEAST!!!)

 DAMMIT! I been asleep at the wheel or something, because I haven't spent every minute of everyday raving about Jinnrise, the urban fantasy smash from IDW, and its bad to the mothereffing bone artist Andrew Huerta. Stop looking at me like that and check out these preview pages from Jinnrise Volume 2, tough guy!

You are ALL FIRED for not telling me about ZOMBILLENIUM!

Okay, I will stop blaming others for my shortcomings... I never heard of Zombillenium until a few minutes ago. I am so overcome by this that I can't say much, but just show you what I just saw...

"Weaker than the Euro, stronger than the Peso, but you get what you pay for, so be grateful..." -Homeboy Sandman

Stop the bloodclot crying and peep the new single America the Beautiful by Homeboy Sandman, produced by Jonwayne.

PREVIEW- ALIEN LEGION: UNCIVIL WAR by Chuck Dixon, Larry Stroman and Carl Potts

I never read Alien Legion, the sporadic yet long-running science fiction comic by Chuck Dixon, Carl Potts and Larry Stroman, but from all accounts this new series from Titan will not require knowledge of the previous books to enjoy.

Can STORM live up to expectations?

 I haven't bought a Marvel comic in a long time, but the debut this week of Storm's new ongoing comic by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez might be more than I can resist...

#WatchTHIS- new "LES WARNING" video by @BodegaBrovas #BelieveInBodega

I just checked my email or something and found a link to Les Warning, the new video by the Bodega Brovas. Watch it, suckaz!

Ms. Marvel, which stars a Muslim-American female superhero, is helping Marvel win the Diversity War...

I have been hearing nothing but good things about Ms. Marvel, the House of Mouse Ideas' first comic starring a Muslim-American superhero. If I was keeping score (and I kinda am), I'd say Marvel is winning the unspoken diversity war with DC.

#FanArtFriday- STORM!

Fan Art Friday- STORM


 If I was gonna buy a DC book these days (and I'm not saying I would), it would be Green Lantern Corps! I mean, that dude Bernard Chang's art got my man John Stewart looking like a boss, plus he's getting biz with Fatality! That said, if you're planning on copping the trade of this, you definitely want to skip this preview on some SPOILER ALERT isht...

So, yeah. @WaltSimonson is the SHEET! That is all.

 I have met many famous people and never fanned out on any of them... except when I met Walt Simonson. He was really nice, and drew a sketch in my little sketchbook, smiling at me as I blubbered something along the lines of "uuuhhuuh... I like Thor."
Anyways, this is his creator-owned joint Star Slammers:Remastered...

Start the day offRight with @Rhymageddon and @Venomous2000

Man... I heard this song #RockAfterThem a while ago, but I forgot how dope it was until my girl Sheila showed me the video yesterday. All the break dancing, hard bars from Rhymageddon and Venomous2000, and dope art in the background make for an infectious, fun video! Peep...

"Hair trigger temper. The Last Airbender. Quick to Blair Witch ya. Authentic rare mixture." @Griffen

I'm not sure why Chicago underground rap vet Profound shared this link to the video for Erywhere (a track he rhymed on with this young cat Griffen) with me yesterday. Maybe he knows I'm from Dallas, and that I would dig the D.O.C. sample at the beginning? Maybe he knew I would appreciate how they flipped my favorite Black Thought verse into a whole new song? I don't know. But what I do know... is that this... is dope...

Drugs, black on black violence and abusive parenting? Hey kids, it's BATWING #33

 Here's another dope Batwing cover by Dan Panosian. Looks like Bats got into Kaneda's stash again. So anyways, Batwing #33 introduces a new villain into the new 52 Batman rogue's gallery. Peep...

#musicToDrawTo "Proper Etiquette" beat tape by the mighty @RobViktum

Rappers are great, right... but sometimes I just wanna nod my head and draw without all that yackitty yack, seen? So here comes Rob Vik to the rescue with Proper Etiquette, another weapons grade name-your-price beat tape to save me from all that yappin'...

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