If I was gonna buy a DC book these days (and I'm not saying I would), it would be Green Lantern Corps! I mean, that dude Bernard Chang's art got my man John Stewart looking like a boss, plus he's getting biz with Fatality! That said, if you're planning on copping the trade of this, you definitely want to skip this preview on some SPOILER ALERT isht...
Here's the sales pitch:
“UPRISING” part 6! All is fair in love and war – and both are likely to get John Stewart killed as the final battle of the uprising concludes! With the woman he loves in mortal danger, John will face the most difficult test of his career!

Aaaaawww, you done fucked up now... 
But seriously, that was messed up. I'ma hafta start loitering in bookstores again so I can give this series a read or something, cause they appear to be friggin' killing it on this joint. Still haven't really heard too many people praising this comic, but hopefully lots of people are buying it.
I love Bernard Chang's art, and the writing looks good, too. As I've said more than once before,
whoever decided it was a good idea to make Green Lantern Corps into a leading man vehicle for John Stewart deserves an award of some sort. After being the GL in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (you know, the one that pretty much cemented him as THE Green Lantern for a generation? Yeah, that one), John has been given the also-ran treatment in the GL comics until recently.  With the recent push for diversity in comics characterized by the racebending of old characters and creation of awkward stereotypical new ones, John stands as a great example of how the major publishers actually get it right from time to time.  Green Lantern Corps is showing the industry how to nurture diversity by maintaining the great characters of color that already exist.
 If you're already up to speed on Green Lantern Corps, go 'head and cop #33, which is in stores now. 
If you need to go back and check out the start of the John Stewart administration, CLICK HERE to cop Green Lantern Corps Vol 4: Rebuild, which marks our favorite Lantern's rise to prominence. 
Here's the Sales pitch
A new era begins for John Stewart and the Green Lantern Corps!

The Guardians are dead leaving the Corps to fend for itself. But the damage has been done to the galaxy and the Green Lanterns are in shambles. It is up to John Stewart to train a group of rookie ringslingers with deadly foes hot on their tails and rings that aren't functioning properly. There is an ancient evil lurking at the edge of the universe, one that threatens to extinguish their life forever
If you cop it, or if you've been reading Green Lantern Corps, let us know what you think of it!


Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1. He's thinking about doing another one soon, so stay tuned...
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