Start the day offRight with @Rhymageddon and @Venomous2000

Man... I heard this song #RockAfterThem a while ago, but I forgot how dope it was until my girl Sheila showed me the video yesterday. All the break dancing, hard bars from Rhymageddon and Venomous2000, and dope art in the background make for an infectious, fun video! Peep...

Dope, right? The production by Devi8tor Irs and cuts by Chopzilla Jo combine to form a perfect soundscape for these high velocity emcees to rock the party! Just what I needed to hear today, seen? Hope y'all enjoy it too!

have a nice day...

Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1 for your coffee table, so you can say "I liked the first one better" when the new one comes out. You won't find Samax in the club, but you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter, which is just as good, right?


El Sargento Del Escupido said...

Peace and sincere thanks for the support

Luckee Lefty said...

Gotta Love #realhiphop Rhymageddon and Venomous always got #barz ....dope song and vid

samax amen said...

Yeah, I'm a nerd for this rap shit as well as comics. This got all the elements of hip hop in full effect. Salute!

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