#musicToDrawTo "Proper Etiquette" beat tape by the mighty @RobViktum

Rappers are great, right... but sometimes I just wanna nod my head and draw without all that yackitty yack, seen? So here comes Rob Vik to the rescue with Proper Etiquette, another weapons grade name-your-price beat tape to save me from all that yappin'...
Hells, yeah... shit's about to get drawn, son!
Click here to get that shit on your hard-drive, or iPhone, or your wi-fi enabled bicycle handle bars or whatever...


Samax Amen draws people, places and things for a living.  CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Samax's artbook SPONTANEOUS Volume 1 for your coffee table, so you can say "I liked the first one better" when the new one comes out. You won't find Samax in the club, but you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter, which is just as good.

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