#WatchTHIS- new "LES WARNING" video by @BodegaBrovas #BelieveInBodega

I just checked my email or something and found a link to Les Warning, the new video by the Bodega Brovas. Watch it, suckaz!
The Blahzay blah:
Just a regular night in the life of The Bodega Brovas. As usual, the struggle just to get the right munchies turns into an adventure. All set to the sounds of the single "Les Warning". Will HeadKrack kill Keynote and Travii for buying the wrong pastries? Watch and find out who lives and who dies. And yes, the lyrics are in English not French. Comment and enjoy.
I solemnly swear with one hand on the owner's manual to my 2011 Mazda 3 that I am not seriously coveting Krack's car right now. I would like a talking thingamabob for my car though, except I want one that sounds like Irma from Galaxy Rangers on some "All systems ready Goose" type isht. Yeah, I'm a nerd, son! (((airhorn)))
Anyways, Les Warning is available for free download via audiomack so handle that...

Also, you need that new mixtape Festivus: A Beginners Guide to Believing In Bodega too, right? 

Yeah, You're welcome.

Peace believers,
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Al Williams said...

The fact they are dope enough to reference the Galaxy Rangers is enough for me....they are a breath of fresh air....No guts No Glory!!!

samax amen said...

They didn't reference Galaxy Rangers, they referenced Knight Rider (I referenced Galaxy Rangers).

They're still pretty fresh though! :)

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