Wyclef Jean for President?

It's not a hoax. All the notable rap blogs are buzzing with this story, so I'm at the point where I gotta take it serious...

Maybe Clef was joking around about being President of the U.S. of A. in his music and pre-Obama Rock The Vote spot, but the multi-talented Fugees frontman looks poised to run for the top spot in his homeland of Haiti. It's hard to imagine anybody inexperienced in politics wanting the job with the country being in such disarray following the massive earthquake in January, but I guess since he was at the forefront of the relief effort it shouldn't be TOO big a surprise...

According to a CNN interview, Wyclef has been considering running for a while and had already completed the paperwork in June that would be necessary to enter. He hasn't made any official declaration yet, but sources expect him to announce his candidacy before the August 7 deadline passes. Given his connections and resources (and popularity with the people of Haiti), he's a good bet to win it in November if he does run! Hopefully, over a decade of dealing with industry rule # 4080 will prepare Clef for the level of sheist and graft he is likely to encounter as a head of state...Choose your staff wisely, Clef!!!


Vee (Scratch) said...

I really don't know how I feel about 'Clef for President of Haiti. No one can doubt his passion for his country but I just don't know.

Having enough influence to get American celebrities involved in relief efforts is one thing. Developing and executing programs that will help Haiti undo YEARS of corrupt Haitian and American policies that crippled the country is something else. Will he be truly embraced by the upper class while trying to help the impoverished?

Will the U.S. have a heavy hand in Haiti's politics?

Samax said...

I have the same ambivalence about it that you do (hence the question mark in the post title). I'm assuming his intentions are the best, but high-order manipulators are always present at those levels.

I hope he is able to get the US involved in Haiti more, but I agree that HOW the US is involved matters a lot.

Like I said, I figure if he runs, he could actually win. The question becomes can he get the right people around him. He's definitely not experienced enough without getting the right people on his side.

Arkonbey said...

Well, given the problems the Hatian government seemed to have even pre-quake, I'm not sure he could make it worse. Perhaps his celebrity and his political naivete might actually help him and his homeland.

At least he's probably immune to bribes...

Vee (Scratch) said...

I don't think any one is immune to bribes. His name has already been sullied with two scandals, misappropriation of relief effort funds and marital indiscretions. Bribes comes in many different shapes, colors and sizes.
President Obama had to pay for something in order to get the HealthCare reform pushed through Congress.

Honestly I think his inexperience may serve him well.

I'm scared of U.S. involvement in Haiti because Haiti's history with the United States is not pretty. As much as Bill Clinton loves Haiti and his Global Initiatives company urges business to invest in Haiti . . . his administration wasn't the best advocate for the greater good of Haiti.

Arkonbey said...

@Vee: Dang, I didn't know that. And you're completely correct about the varied nature of bribes. Sometimes they just look like compromise.

You're also right about the US involvement in Haiti. Governments aiding governments is a touchy business and damage can be done even with the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

His idealism may serve him well. The allegations of corruption were never verified. However just the suggestion of impropriety is enough to create an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt. Barring the accusation, his Haiti relief would have taken in a lot of money, money which perhaps might have gone to the American Red Cross, which has its own checkered past, yet always seems to stay just outside of mainstream news.


Regardless, he might be an American puppet, or he might not. I suspect he wont be. However, his naivety is a real danger. I think he should run for smaller office. Learn some things for a few years, and then run for president.

It's not flashy or anything, but that isn't the point....right?


Samax said...

right, right...

There are serious systemic problems that need solving. That will take major smarts all by itself. And avoiding the power of corruption takes lots of willpower and intelligence working together. Hopefully, he is prepared for what he's getting into.

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