Black Milk + Elzhi + Royce = HELLYES

As my dude 8thLight pointed out on his blog, Black Milk pulled out the BIG guns for Deadly Medley, the first video off his upcoming long-player Album of the Year.

As you (should) know, I was already psyched about Black Milk's new record before hearing this song, and this only raised the bar...Elzhi can do no wrong in my eyes, and Royce is a solid addition to any track. The next person to say anything about hip hop being dead in my presence is getting slapped in the face. If they take me to court, I will plead "Black Milk"...
no jury would convict me...



Clark Kent said...

Just heard this track on your site. I may have to be your co-D, my G. Royce Nickel, Black Milk and Elzhi -- don't matter the line-up, wack fools can get lined-up.

Keep it up! Dig the site, by the way!

Samax said...

word. Thanks, fam!

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