Okay, I have been pretty strict about not buying any $4 comics, but those silly sons'a guns at Marvel are just so DEVIOUS!!!! Putting Silver Sable and the Shroud in the same comic may have been enough to make me do a double take, but then they went and put MISTY KNIGHT in there, too? BASTARDS!!! why don't you guys read the sales pitch and preview pages of Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1 that I gaffled from CBR, while I check for change in the couch...
Striking from the pages of Shadowland, four cult-favorite heroes rise into the spotlight: Silver Sable…Paladin…Misty Knight...The Shroud! Is a rogue faction of Daredevil's ninjas secretly targeting the mafia? With DD's dark castle looming over the city, has The Man Without Fear finally lost his mind? This twisted murder mystery ensnares a quartet of vastly different operatives--but will it unite them, or place them in each other's crosshairs? Can this controversial crew put aside their differences before a war between The Hand and the mob sets New York ablaze? Join Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a bloody tour down the mean streets of Shadowland!
Not bad... The Shroud is one of my all-time favorite D-list characters... and they got Misty Knight rocking the sleeveless like Michelle Obama. I like the braids too.... DAMN YOU, MARVEL!
ahem. Anyways, Shadowland: Blood on the Streets #1 will be in your comic shop demanding to be bought next Wednesday, August 11.


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