The artwork from this year's Daredevil Annual is my first exposure to Marcio Takara... but I immediately liked his depiction of Misty Knight.  Definitely gonna drop in on the comic shop this week to lay hands on this flashback issue.  Peep the preview below...

Apollo Brown + Joell Ortiz dropping a collabo album? Where do I sign?!?

Detroit is a hornets nest of dope producers, and Apollo Brown is one of the best.  Also, everyone knows I fux with Brooklyn-based Slaughterhouse alum Joell Ortiz.  The duo has come together to drop a new 11-track album called MONA LISA, which is due out this fall.  Stream the first single Decisions below...

STORM deserves her own book... but HEY, here's X-Men Gold #34. That's just as good, right?

Am I the only one exasperated by the fact that Marvel can't make a Storm solo book work?  No.  No I'm not.  Anyways, here's a preview of X-Men: Gold #34. 

Persephone- a dope new Wolverine villain, designed by that dude Mike Hawthorne

Return of Wolverine writer Charles Soule shared these Mike Hawthorne character concept drawings on Twitter today, and I just HAD to share them with you!

The Intergalactic Empirial march of Wakanda continues

 Trump's Space Force ain't got nothin' on T'challa…

Nnedi Okorafor's WAKANDA FOREVER comes to finish this week!

 Award-winning Nigerian-American author Nnedi Okorafor (Who Fears Death, Black Panther: Long Live the King) has us waiting for the finale of her WAKANDA FOREVER storyline.  AVENGERS: WAKANDA FOREVER #1 is coming out this week!  Peep the preview below:

In the mood for some Gangster Shit?

I would not say that I am often in the mood for gangster shit these days, but when I am, Westside Gunn is one of the cats I've been turning to lately.

In stores this week- WEST COAST AVENGERS #1

I was a big fan of the Hawkeye-anchored West Coast Avengers back in the day, so I readily admit to being excited by the diverse and double-Hawkeye led  line-up Marvel's got on the new book.


A product of Marvel's attempt to replace mutants with a wave of new Inhumans in their mythos, Moon Girl is one of the most promising new characters Marvel has, so it's important to keep an eye on her.  

Looks like Venom #5 Answers a Question We've been asking

 When we were talking about the trailer for the upcoming Venom movie, my dude Lateef asked a question that  gets addressed in this preview of Venom #5.

#MusicToDrawTo : TODAY by Grip Grand

If you're looking for some good background music for your escapades at the drawing board, you need to put August 24 on your calendar, cuz that's when Grip Grand's crate-digger cover album Outsider Art drops.  For now, enjoy the lead single which interprets the iconic sample of a golden era hip hop classic...

#NowPlaying APARTHEID by the immortal SEAN PRICE f/ Buckshit + Steele #riP!

Last week Duck Down Records dropped a video for Apartheid, which is almost universally considered the dopest track on Imperius Rex, the posthumous Sean Price album.

#NewVideo CHAMPION SOUND by Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend is one of my favorite emcees.  He just dropped a new video for Champion Sound, a single from his latest record, Hero's Journey.  Peep the video below.

"There's a lot of guilt in the air..." -RANDOM ACTS OF FLYNESS creator Terence Nance, on the wave of inclusiveness in Hollywood

Random Acts of Flyness looks like my type of hype.  Even if you don't plan on checking for it, you should probably watch this interview of series creator Terence Nance by Audie Cornish.

R.I.P. Project Wonderful

I discovered blogging in 2006.  I never spent a dime out of my pocket for advertising my blog back then, because Project Wonderful enabled me to flip my existing traffic into ads on webcomic sites, video game forums, and more.

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