start the day off Right w/ Shinobi Stalin

Anybody hungry for that classic spirit of hip hop? Here's some underground rap from Florida-based emcee Shinobi Stalin...

Remember the... Nerds?

Happy Memorial Day! Since I grew up in a military town where we loved the troops everyday, I wasn't really clear what regular people DO on Memorial Day, but according to my co-workers, women shop and men drink beer and eat barbecue. Proof positive that Americans can turn any holiday AWESOME! Um... so anyways, here's a strip from that dude Marcel of Marcel Comics...

Conspiracy WorldWide Radio does it again: Guilty Simpson, Pete Rock, Smif n Wessun, Freddie Gibbs & more

Peep the latest episode of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio for interviews with Guilty Simpson of Random Axe/OJ Simpson fame, PLUS Pete Rock and Smif n Wessun talk about their new collabo record Monumental, Freddie Gibbs rolls though and more...

PREVIEW- "Angeltown" by Gary Phillips & Shawn Martinbrough

 I'm a big fan of noir connoisseur Shawn Martinbrough (Luke Cage: Noir, Bullseye: Perfect Game, Batman: Evolution), so I was happy to find these preview pages from the new trade paperback Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations which reprints the Vertigo series he worked on with writer Gary Phillips (High Rollers) in 2005.

Bigger Noses, Booty Spanking and Comics Commentary from Brandon Graham

Brandon explains why he doesn't like your favorite artist anymore and adds a little gristle to this chick's nose to amuse himself. And did I mention booty spanking? Yeah, this pro'lly isn't safe for work, but it's it's a holiday weekend, so if you're working, eff your job anyways, right?

World of Hurt Cover Art!!

If you were smart enough to take my advice and get down with the World of Hurt: The Thrill Seekers Kickstarter campaign, this is the cover art for the hardcover Graphic Novel you will eventually get!

PREVIEW: Iron Man 2.0 #6

Looks like the brotha formerly known as War Machine is in the middle of a bangin' world-saving adventure guest-starring the immortal Iron Fist and company. In addition to the sweet Salvador Larocca cover above, peep the beautiful painted artwork to Iron Man 2.0 #6 by your man Ariel Olivetti...

Wanna see 3 dope all-ages Graphic novels?

As much as people like to sound cool talking about how comics "aren't JUST for kids anymore" the reality is that we sorely NEED more comics for kids if we are gonna turn them into the comics readers of the future. Multiple Glyph Award winner Jamar Nicholas (Fist Stick Knife Gun, Detective Boogaloo) and the fine folks at Comic Book Diner are doing their part to help restore balance to the force...

start the day off Right w/Vast Aire

I don't know about you, but I loves me some Vast Aire... Here's some cuts off his upcoming album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey...

PREVIEW- Drums #1

I don't know much about Drums,  the new horror/crime comic from Image Comics, but this looks dope, so I figured I'd share it with y'all...

start the day off Right w/ Clan Destined & Methuzulah

Quality Atlantean hip hop courtesy of Clan Destined and Methuzulah.

Canibus, Luther Campbell, Vast Aire, Elzhi & more #conspiracyRadio #interview #hipHop

This episode of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio is an instant classic! Canibus comes on to talk about his beef with Slaughterhouse, Luke talks about his Mayoral Campaign (yeah, I know...) and Detroit spitter and Slum Villager Elzhi speaks on his new album and European tour. Did I mention Vast Aire dropped in too? Rated J for Jeauh!

the Cover that got me on board of Kirkman and Adlard's "The Walking Dead"

I am immune to peer pressure. I didn't start reading The Walking Dead even though all my friends were raving about it. I mean, an ongoing zombie comic? Yawn. But then they put a sister with a samurai sword taking her jawless pet zombies for a walk on the cover. You know what happened next...

PREVIEW: The Almighty Street Team Comic and Video Game

If you wanna support indie comics and video games, you need look no further than the new projects from the almighty Street Team.  The Street Team includes characters from GhettoManga favorites Charlie Goubile (Blackbird), Mase (Urban Shogun) and more in a crossover comic and throwback video game Reign of the Iron Dragon. Peep some preview pages from the comic, plus a youtube preview of the videogame below...

start the day off Right w/ Jurny Big

I'm an underground rap nerd. A card-carrying, conspiracy- theory- generating backpacker. As such, I like lots of rappers you never heard of. There's a better than average chance that you never heard of Jurny Big, but I've been a fan of the brash battle rapper from West Covina, California for over a decade. Here's a few recent cuts via the magic of bandcamp...

HOUSTON: Comicpalooza is coming

You know what it is...

Movie Review-THOR

Thor Review and artwork by ZEES...
First off, I gotta say that I love superhero movies for the simple fact that I always wanted to see these characters in live- action…The coolest moment when I was 6, I got the whole series of the live-action Spiderman TV show on bootleg VHS.  It didn’t have any of the actual Spiderman villains in it.  Just mobsters.  I was happy with it because it was all that was out there.  He was a superhero dropped into a non-comics universe; it was the best I got.  But if you got a movie like Thor, a summer blockbuster, with all those fancy special effects, you have to introduce this character to a broader audience.

start the day off Right w/ the mighty Bavu Blakes & D-Madness

If you been reading awhile, you know I'm a big fan of Bavu Blakes, and I became a fan of Bavu the old-fashioned way: by seeing him perform admirably on stage with a live band. Here's a recent performance he did at the Austin Music People Launch Party...

start your day off Right w/ Fred Bruno & Playdough (Phonetic Composition)

Because we talked about them on the Art Love Magic Radio show yesterday, here's some vintage fire from Playdough and Freddie Bruno, known collectively as Phonetic Composition. These cuts are from their first album PC Tools, before their induction into the mighty Deepspace 5 crew...

PREVIEW- CHEW #27 (yeah, it's from the fuuuutuuuure!)

 Because a comic about a world where the federal government has banned the consumption of poultry (ostensibly as the result of the bird flu epidemic, but there remain serious doubts about that), that stars federal agent Tony Chu (who psychicly  senses the entire history of anything he eats) isn't quite weird enough, CHEW creators John Layman and Rob Guillory have fast-forward their award-winning comic to issue 27. Incidentally, it also stars Agent Chu's twin sister Toni...

Start the Day off Right w/ Busta Rhymes + Kev Brown

okay, I know I posted the full joint yesterday, but this song is weapons-grade! Like, Obama is gonna send dudes to kick in Kev's door and shoot him, and won't show people the pictures of his dead body after... it's THAT serious, people!

DEL + Clan D (and much more)? FREE? ATL, where you AT!?!?

If I was gonna be in the ATL, I would DEFINITELY be there...

Pete Rock speaks on his favorite comics

Stussy catches up with the mighty deejay Pete Rock, who speaks on his love of comics, revealing some of his favorite characters.

Classic Joints- Kev Brown & Friends

whattup, ninja... Emcee/producer Kev Brown is one of the chosen few that creates instant classics... Here's a selection of songs that he has made in the past 10 years including tracks with Busta Rhymes, Grap Luva as well as his Low Budget Crew...

PREVIEW: GhettoManga Luke Cage tribute issue

I've spent many nights when I should have been sleeping putting the new issue of GhettoManga to bed instead. There were way too many typos and stuff in the proof, so I spent a little extra time fixing them. If you're one of the handful of subscribers or sponsors who have been waiting to see the new issue, I apologize for the delay, but I think it will be worth it...

start the Day off RIGHT w/ Sivion

Tired of rappers who threaten to kill you and steal your woman? Yeah, me neither... but take a break from all that and kick it with my dude Sivion. He's a nice guy, and a hell of a musician to boot!

Album (p)Review -Playdough "Hotdoggin'"

I went to the release party for Playdough's new album Hotdoggin on Friday night after sleeping all day and all I brought you was this bandcamp widget (yes you can listen free, cheapskates!)

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