Wanna see 3 dope all-ages Graphic novels?

As much as people like to sound cool talking about how comics "aren't JUST for kids anymore" the reality is that we sorely NEED more comics for kids if we are gonna turn them into the comics readers of the future. Multiple Glyph Award winner Jamar Nicholas (Fist Stick Knife Gun, Detective Boogaloo) and the fine folks at Comic Book Diner are doing their part to help restore balance to the force...

Jamar is collecting Leon, Protector of the Playground a strip that Jamar did for one of the publications in Philly. It follows the adventures of "the inner city's first latchkey sidekick. Leon saves the day with his heroic mentor, but doesn't take off his mask as he goes to elementary school, and faces robot lunch ladies, super powered playground bullies, and more."
I'm not sure if it's what the founders of Kickstarter intended, but they are doing a lot to make it possible for indy dudes to stay in the comics biz! In addition to Jamar's book, his Comic Book Diner brethren Rich Faber and John Gallagher both have books they are releasing to as part of the CBD Project, and you can get the box set of all three, cop the digital versions, or just pick your favorite!

Whichever one you choose, you'll be helping the kid(s) in your life as well as kids everywhere to have access to good comics... your donations will help get good comics into libraries and schools too!
Click here for more info, and to order! I'll have more about this when I get a minute to bang out another post!



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YES, yes, and yes!!

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