Canibus, Luther Campbell, Vast Aire, Elzhi & more #conspiracyRadio #interview #hipHop

This episode of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio is an instant classic! Canibus comes on to talk about his beef with Slaughterhouse, Luke talks about his Mayoral Campaign (yeah, I know...) and Detroit spitter and Slum Villager Elzhi speaks on his new album and European tour. Did I mention Vast Aire dropped in too? Rated J for Jeauh!
part one:

Luke for Mayor? yup. Here's part two



Vee (Scratch) said...

2 cents.

Luke running for mayor? Yeah, I understand and cosign. Why not? I'm not from Dade County or where ever he is from but hey he is getting involved. He's been involved and serving his community for quite a while. Why not?

samax said...

I always think of Luke as not being very smart, but you can't argue with the things he has accomplished, and he makes a good case for himself and his place in bringing national media attention and money to Miami.

Not knowing much about Miami politics, I can't say whether he has a shot or not, but it would be worth it to see what he can do.

corance said...

Damn! Canibus is hot! I guess I would be too, going through what he has.

corance said...

You know, one thing I like is they play some dope UK hip-hop too. I'm feelin' that.

samax said...


Big Shane said...

Luke for mayor, huh? Obama got niggas thinking they can do shit...

Thaswassup! I'd vote for him. But taxing the strippers? Ho's cain't have nuthin'....

samax amen said...

Big Shane ALWAYS looks out for the ladies.

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