PREVIEW: GhettoManga Luke Cage tribute issue

I've spent many nights when I should have been sleeping putting the new issue of GhettoManga to bed instead. There were way too many typos and stuff in the proof, so I spent a little extra time fixing them. If you're one of the handful of subscribers or sponsors who have been waiting to see the new issue, I apologize for the delay, but I think it will be worth it...
The GhettoManga Sweet Christmas Special features a gallery of tribute art dedicated to Marvel's blaxploitation-era creation, the newly emergent Luke Cage, littered with art by lots of talented underground comics folks (starting with the cover above by Zees Moreno, an homage to Cage's debut, Hero for Hire #1). There's are also new comics from Zees and Dan Fu. I posted the table of contents below (which I put together in Photoshop) so I wouldn't hafta sell you too hard on this issue...

Back issues of the 52 page full color magazine are already available on IndyPlanet, and the new issue will be too, eventually. However, the first people who will get to read the issue will be those who subscribe or pre-order single issues via the paypal link below. Issues are ten bucks each (includes shipping), or subscribe 
and get 4 issues for the price of 3!

GhettoManga Quarterly

so, for those who have been waiting on this, here it is, and thanks for waiting! The book is at the printer (again) now, and I expect to have copies in my hands (and hopefully yours) by the end of this month!


B_Steelo said...

Hope you put a big ass: Luck Cage is property of Marvel Comics, on that piece. Otherwise it looks fresh.

If you still need layout help let me know. I get your aesthetic now.

o f l o d a said...

Awesome fam!

Samax said...


Marshall (Calmplex) said...

Sick Dude I can't WAIT!!!!

Samax said...

word! Tell a friend!

Dylan Black said...

looks so sick! how would someone go about getting art work in ghetto manga?

Unknown said...

i cant wait to get my issues in the mail!

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