Bigger Noses, Booty Spanking and Comics Commentary from Brandon Graham

Brandon explains why he doesn't like your favorite artist anymore and adds a little gristle to this chick's nose to amuse himself. And did I mention booty spanking? Yeah, this pro'lly isn't safe for work, but it's it's a holiday weekend, so if you're working, eff your job anyways, right?

New Nose by Brandon Graham
"In my head I've been on my high horse." Brandon says on his blog. "I've been thinking about how important it is that when you figure out how to draw you still push it-- fuck around and take chances.
 The reason I regard a lot of mainstream dudes as bullshit is not because they can't draw but because the extent of that is power girl complaining about having back problems. (also, have you seen my new spanking comic?)
It's scary and hard to go beyond what works and a lot of the guys who I think have done some of the best work I also think later found a comfortable place and didn't push it as much.  so yeah great power/great responsibility."
Word. Get more at Brandon's blog.



Mr. Hawthorne said...

James Stokoe's comment puts a bow on this.

"WAH WAH WAH MAINSTREAM WAH WAH WAH. I’m orphan, my brother’s queer, the city of Chicago got the clap from my sister, Mom drinks, Dad coughs blood, I have ringworm, imersion foot, the incurable crud and the draft ruined my chances of being a brain surgeon.

Stop worrying about what other people are doing with comics you don’t read. Draw in a vacuum, you boner, and finish your goddamn comic book. You have no problems. Except me."

samax said...

I'm not generally a fan of comments designed to invalidate other people's opinions, BUT Stokoe is a drawing machine of the highest order (and Brandon's bud), so he can invalidate all he wants...

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