Start the Day off Right w/ Busta Rhymes + Kev Brown

okay, I know I posted the full joint yesterday, but this song is weapons-grade! Like, Obama is gonna send dudes to kick in Kev's door and shoot him, and won't show people the pictures of his dead body after... it's THAT serious, people!

Bus needs to do a whole record with Kev. I'm talm'bout wine bottles, skrippers in the studio... the whole nine! Apparently Bus REALLY dug the song (it came out in 2008... yeah, I missed it) and copped some more fire from him...

The combination of Kev's low-key soulfulness and Busta's neck-vein-popping growl is hip hop perfection... I need to find those 5 songs, but I'm not gonna be happy until I get a full-blown collabo album.  meanwhile, I hope you have a great day!


corance said...

That song is fire. I don't blame ya, dog.

samax said...

yeah, that's the song of the week!

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