Operation: LOCKDOWN is a complete success!

for those who didn't know, i got married on October 20th, 2007... big thanks to all who attended or sent us cards and gifts. we dated in college, and sometimes it seemed like all of creation was holding its breath waiting for this to happen... so exhale, creation! this is compelling evidence (if only to me) that miracles really do happen!

anyways, i did this piece for the wedding. there will be pictures coming soon, so check this entry for updates... and of course follow this link for items you can purchase if you're feelin' 'em!

peace, Love, etc.
Mr. Right (aka samax).

lights, camera, ACTION!

when i saw that Entertainment Weekly did a list of the 25 greatest action heroes of all time, i easily guessed who was #1 (they gave away that Arnold's return to the role he was born for in Terminator 2 did NOT grab top honors)... i will help you by telling you it wasn't the venerable Bruce Lee's genius in Enter The Dragon either.

sadly, no black people made the list of venerable butt-kickers, but they DID give a nod to Desperado's Antonio Bandares (for my brown people) and there are TWO women on the list. anyways, go check it out and let me know what YOU thought of the list (i can think of at least ONE noteworthy snub...)!

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run go get that!!!!

i doubt if any book i've ever read exemplifies the spirit we stand for here at ghettoManga more than the Opus-like MBQ by fledgling comics superstar Felipe Smith. published by TokyoPop, MBQ is Felipe's semi-autobiographical slice of life comic about living in Los Angeles... WAIT!!! don't go to sleep fam'ly, 'cause felipe keeps it hot by using all the high-detail drawing, action manga storytelling techniques, and out-of-this world character design you would ever need in a comic.
Felipe's quiet mastery of the idioms of comics have won him all types of contests, been published on three continents, and will undoubtedly result in his becoming a big name in comics (or manga, if you prefer...).
anyways, MBQ #3 (in stores RIGHT NOW) closes the series out, presumably making room for new projects from Felipe... i will write a more proper review later, but i absoLUTEly recommend you pick up all three issues asap...

Blood and Bills...

when i flipped through REPO #1 at the comic shop, i had only picked it up because it had a black dude on the cover. Seriously! i wasn't all that impressed with it... so i put it back. as a result, i have no clue how good the first issue is... however, thankfully i actually read a little of #2 when that cover caught my eye... after reading the nifty little blurb on the inside cover and the first couple pages, i decided to buy it and see if it was any good.
it was.

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