How to Become a Super-Villain #1

Since we have a super-villain in the White House, you might be thinking that becoming a super-villain is a fast-track to success.  While we at GhettoManga don't recommend succumbing to your most evil nature, we would prefer that you do it safely, if you choose to do it.  So here's the first in a series of How to Become a Super-Villain threads we will be dropping at random.

A few words about BIRDS OF PREY, blah blah blah Harley Quinn

I posted my thoughts about the Birds of Prey movie on Twitter a couple weeks ago, but I am sharing and expanding on them here.  My review is basically spoiler-free.  There may be spoilers in the comments (if there are any), so read them at your own risk.

SUPERHERU Returns for #BlackHistoryMonth

In March of 2019, I collaborated on the creation of SuperHeru, the brainchild of Californian writer J.R. LeMar.  I was pleased when he came back in the Fall and commissioned me for a couple episodes of a SuperHeru comic strip.  

If you missed the first one, CLICK HERE to check it out

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