#nowPlaying "Rappers got stylists cause they can't think for themselves. See they don't have an identity so they needed some help" -Tyler

To my fellow old-head hip hoppers: Please stop all that "rappers today can't rhyme" isht. It's embarrassing.

"Prince of Cats" character doodles by Ron Wimberly, plus "Prince of Cats" fan art by Chase Conley

I saw this sketch by D-pi (or as President Obama calls him, " Secretary of Defness, Ron Wimberly") of Balthazar, Ibrahim and Benvolio from his GhettoManga Award-winning Shakespearean hip hop graphic novel Prince of Cats and had to share it...

Corey Lewis leaks new SUNBAKERY cover and teases new Metroid tribute comic!

Over the weekend, Corey Lewis (Sharknife, Peng, Layered Jacket) leaked this cover image of his eagerly-awaited and Kickstarter-funded anthology Sunbakery in a backer update. 

In stores now MIGHTY AVENGERS #8

I haven't been following Mighty Avengers, the Marvel Now book with Luke Cage, Power Man (Jr), Blue Marvel, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau, formerly Captain Marvel and Photon), the White Tiger, etc on it... but this preview of number 8 looks pretty dope.

"I'm as dope as the era they introduced the needle, you're an Optimus Prime versus this Magneto" -Joey the Bull

Dallas rap dude Joey the Bull dropped this posse cut Make Way by Flotation (featuring Fever, Joey The Bull and Molekular, with cuts by Tape Mastah Steph) on the GhettoManga Facebook wall a few days ago, but I just got around to listening to it today. The short version: It's dope. Stream and/or download it below.

Preview art- ALL NEW GHOST RIDER #1 & 2!!!

We've been getting a mixed reaction to Marvel's impending release All-New Ghost Rider by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, ranging from "Muscle car instead of motor cycle: No bueno" to "fugg yeah." Peep some previews of Tradd Moore's pages (plus variant covers by Felipe Smith, Skottie Young, and more) below and make up your own mind...

"We upset cause these rappers make it seem like we lame, cause we grind a 9 to 5 instead of slangin cocaine" -@DaShade

Our favorite rap nerd, Da'shade Moonbeam brings that real shit once again, 'longside Mr. Cannon on the strings...

The new MOON KNIGHT series by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey looks HARD!

Our Facebook peeps showed interest in the new Warren Ellis-penned Moon Knight series, and since we are suckers for the changing faces of Marvel's derivative dark knight detective, here's a preview of the Moon Knight #1.

peep some SWEET Olivier Coipel cover art to "SURVIVE #1", plus variant cover and interior sequentials by Joe Quinones

If I win the lottery, I will buy Marvel and then force Olivier Coipel to draw all the books. Don't worry, with my unlimited lottery cash, I will change the laws of spacetime so he doesn't have to rush. Anyways, until then, here's a cover he drew to the Ultimate Comics book Survive #1. I likes it...

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