There's always room for GREEN LANTERN CORPS...

The sales pitch:
John Stewart and his team are surrounded by Durlans and Braid Clann on an unfriendly world. Their only hope is to fight their way out! And in the shadows of the Universe, the Corps’ worst nightmare is coming true: The Sinestro Corps is stirring!

Ouch. Yeah, I love Bernard Chang's art. That last panel feels like vintage Bart Sears. In case you didn't know, vintage Bart Sears... is pretty good. Anyways, I don't know who decided it was a good idea to make Green Lantern Corps into a leading man vehicle for John Stewart, but I'd say it was a wise fucking move. After being the GL in the Justice League Unlimited toon, pretty much cementing him as THE Green Lantern for a generation, John has been given the also-ran treatment in the GL comics until recently.  With the recent push for diversity in comics characterized by the racebending of old characters and creation of awkward stereotypical new ones, John stands as a great example of how the major publishers actually get it right from time to time.  Green Lantern Corps is showing the industry how to nurture diversity by maintaining the great characters of color that already exist. 
Anyways, Green Lantern Corps #29 is in stores now. Just thought I'd speak on it for a sec. Let me know what you think of the series. Are you feeling Bernard Chang's art? What is your impression of writer Van Jensen's depiction of John Stewart and his role in the Green Lantern Corps?

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