I found this hilarious promo for How to Draw Stupid, an animation how-to book by master cartoonist Kyle Baker...

GET YOURS: Missile Mouse 2010 Giveaway!

The Prize:
1)  The original inked art for the back cover to Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium 3 (11 x 17in).
2)  A signed hardcover copy of Missile Mouse: Rescue On Tankium 3.
3)  A signed hardcover copy of Missile Mouse: the Star Crusher.
4)  A signed copy of Flight Explorer.
You know you want it...

Killer Mike & Rhymefest trade nerdcore verses

Here's a track with well-known comics fiend Rhymefest trading verses with Killer Mike for three minutes of Nerdcore rap bliss.

"Monsters 101" swimsuit pinup? yeah, that's right!

After seeing the strip Muhammad Rasheed drew of Dare, I did this pinup of his characters Mort and Pugroff chilling at the beach...

The Mahfood Brothers help keep your Hood Pass Intact!

Saint Louis natives FOOD ONE and DJ Mahf hold down their hometown with quality freestyle art and scratching...

Mini Battle Men #17 is here!

Our dude ZEES Moreno is back w/ his sci-fi action comedy webcomic Mini Battle Men, and it looks like the trio of alien superheroes won't be landing on Earth anytime soon, since it looks like Mega Neutron has found some work for them to do on this pit-stop world first...

OH SNAP!! Dare Fan art by M. Rasheed!!!

Sadly, I haven't made time to work on any new Dare comics in a while... but who needs me, when M. Rasheed (Monsters 101) clearly has a pretty good handle on the little man wi' nah fear?

PREVIEW! The Dog Years #7

I should be sleeping but I'm not, cause I just HAD to read the 7th issue of the romantic comedy webcomic The Dog Years, by Andre Roberts. Trey and Rasheed get into it after the events of #6, which prompts Trey to take a hilarious stroll down memory lane...

Start the day off Right w/ Blueprint

Good morning, fammo. Peep Radio-inactive, the new video from Blueprint's upcoming album, Adventures in Counter Culture

This comic "Styx & Stone" looks pretty ILL!

 this preview for Styx & Stone looks dope. check it out...

(P)Review- Carlos Trillo and Eduardo Risso's "Vampire Boy"

I spent the last few days reading a book called Vampire Boy by one of my favorite creative teams, the Argentinean duo of Carlos Trillo (Chicanos, Borderline) and Eduardo Risso (Jonny Double, 100 Bullets, Batman: Broken City). I couldn't resist buying this 475 page black and white paperback, which was a steal at $25, when I was at the comic shop this weekend. Vampire Boy is a slick collection of the series of graphic novels (called Boy Vampire, which I think sounds better), originally published by venerable European publisher SAF Comics.

PREVIEW: The Mice Templar

 In case you been sleeping on Mike Oeming's anthro fantasy epic The Mice Templar, here's an 8 page preview of the new series...

New MED Mixtape! (with cover art by your boy)

The pride of Oxnard, California contacted me to do some mixtape art for him last month, and this is what I did. Yeah, MED dropped a new mixtape in time for Christmas... and by the way, it's dope.

quick (p)review- "CHEW Volume 3: Just Desserts"

I recently put copies of GhettoManga Quarterly in my local comic shop, which allowed me to buy a few things... like Just Desserts, the third volume of the hot Image series CHEW. If you have read the first two volumes of CHEW (or issues 1-15 of the monthly comics) and liked them, then you need not read any further: BUY THIS BOOK NOW! Just Desserts is continuation of the fresh characters and storytelling that you are used to from the award-winning team of John Layman and Rob Guillory.

Ghostface + Black Thought = DOWNLOAD THIS!

Do I really need to sell you a free song by Ghostface of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan with Black Thought of the legendary Roots crew?

Interview: 40 minutes of KRS ONE

Here's a lengthy KRS ONE interview on All Hip Hop, All the Time.

Retro Vinyl and Music Art fair today

the fine folks of the Dallas Record Convention invited me to set up at the Retro Vinyl and Music Art Fair, which is today (Saturday Dec 18th) at the Public Trust in downtown Dallas. I've never been to one of these shows, so I really don't know what to expect, but I've heard from other friends that the shows they do are generally well-attended. I will be on hand with copies of the last few issues of GhettoManga Quarterly, and copies of the mixtape cover art I've done for MED and Bavu, as well as other music-inspired joints I've done.

Start the Day off Right w/Blueprint

Here's a video to Dream Big off Blueprint's EP Blueprint Who...

PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther #4

The hero parade that is Klaws of the Panther comes to a close as Black Widow joins Shuri 'nem against Klaw, Master of Sound...

HOLY CRAP! John Byrne's Next Men is Back ?!?!

I'm not nearly as big a fan of John Byrne as I used to be, but I'm not so far-gone that I'd want to pass on his return to his creator-owned supehero/sci-fi mind-bender Next Men. Before the Wachowski's even thought of bringing Mr. Anderson out of the Matrix, Byrne was blowing my mind with Next Men, which follows a team of super-powered teenagers who awake in a lab and discover the world they grew up in was a computer-generated dream world.
The superstar artist behind my love for the X-men, Fantastic Four, and Alpha Flight left the majors behind to write and draw Next Men and lured me for the first time into the wild, anything- can- happen world indie comics. Now after a looooong hiatus, Byrne and his creator-owned super-team have reappeared at IDW with a brand new  #1 issue.Wanna see a preview?

PREVIEW- Hellboy: the Sleeping & the Dead #1

Your man Hellboy catches a bad one in this preview...

("Falling Down" + Hip Hop) x comics = Hardbody Deluxe #doTheMath

my dude Elihu Bey let me know about the comics project he was working on with Marcus Respekt. I immediately started geeking...

Jim Mahfood's Sketchbook

everybody knows I cuts for indy comicbook rockstar Jim Mahfood aka FOOD ONE, so I'm enjoying these peeks into his sketchbook he's been dropping on his blog...

Preview: B.P.R.D.: Gods #1

 CBR posted this preview art of BPRD: Gods #1. Unfortunately, Rakim's not in it, but you might wanna peep it anyways...

Blueprint + the Who = DOWNLOAD THIS

I'm not sure how this got by me, but Columbus,OH's own one-man label, Blueprint dropped the EP Blueprint Who? which he made exclusively with samples of legendary rock band The Who.

Manchild + Jaq = JaqMan?

Manchild of Mars ILL, Deepspace 5 and Move Merchants (did I miss anybody?) joins forces with German Super-Producer, Jaq of the Scribbling Idiots collective to bring you some more quality raps.Kick the tires & take it for a test drive 'fore you buy, plair!

PREVIEW: Gorillas Vs. Robots

Yeah, so I'm feeling robophobic today, so it's a good time to pass on a preview of Gorillas VS. Robots in the 23rd Century. I added this book to my wishlist on Indyplanet a while back, but hadn't posted the preview here until now. In addition to supporting my suspicions that apes would not evolve into humans, but into more evolved and intelligent apes, it also encourages a healthy fear of robots.

for those who Love to Hate reality tv

I just read a brief discussion of Jennifer L. Pozner's new book Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth about Guilty Pleasure TVon Racialicious, and really enjoyed it. At first, I thought the book would be marketed to me, since I'm not a fan (at all) of reality tv, but after reading the review, I suspect it's probably aimed at my wife, who enjoys nothing better than watching reality tv shows and complaining about them.

Ross Campbell's running an Art Sale!

Drawing comics awesome doesn't automatically make you rich (shocking, I know!), so ghettoManga Award-winning cartoonist Ross Campbell is padding his pockets the way the Pilgrims did, by selling original art on the internet! I die a little every time I meet someone who has never seen Ross's work, but then I get excited because I have a new chance to go into a rant about how awesome his stuff is! If you've never seen his work, click here so I won't hafta rant at you.

Robophobic #11: another Optimus 'statue'

okay, robot-lovers... I GET it. You really like Optimus Prime. Eighties cartoon version, movie version. New Cartoon version. You can't get enough of the giant alien leader of a heavily armed strike team who sneaks around in your midst as an eighteen wheeler hauling who-knows-what in that disappearing trailer of his...

Dangerdoom + Space Ghost + ArtNinja = YOUTUBE CLASSIC!!!

Somebody posted a youTube joint with the Dangerdoom song Space Ho's and included this fly art piece by Myron Macklin...

How the Grouch Stole Christmas

There's gotta be at least one dude out there who won't get excited at the prospect of hearing Grouch, Brother Ali and Eligh spit over the beat to Run DMC's classic holla day joint Christmas in Hollis. I can confidently report to you that I am not that dude...


 I know next to nothing about Disco Frankenstein. But not knowing what I'm talking about has never stopped me before, so here's some preview art I pulled off of series writer Anthony Ball's Facebook page. If these pages by Rodney C. Jacobsen are any indication, Disco Frankenstein may go down in history as the best thing ever!

new drawing: Bishop of the X-men

The Daily Sketch Challenge for Wednesday was Bishop, yet another time-traveler from a bleak future of the X-men universe.

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