("Falling Down" + Hip Hop) x comics = Hardbody Deluxe #doTheMath

my dude Elihu Bey let me know about the comics project he was working on with Marcus Respekt. I immediately started geeking...

"I wrote a story about a guy who just got fed up with just talking about the ills of the industry that tried to swallow him and spit him out." says Respekt about the project... "Think Falling Down but in HipHop form and with more blood. Yep, that’s the story of Hardbody Deluxe."
Although both he and Bey were kinda tight-lipped with the details, Marcus confirmed that the plan is to self-publish and package the comic with a soundtrack, stickers and sketches. I wasn't able to get a page count or hard release date, but Marcus advised that they were aiming for late spring, early summer. This is just the kind of project I started GhettoManga to cover, so you best believe I'll let you know when I get more info...


Goldi gold said...

Yea, small world. I was building with Marcus Respekt about this at a get together. He pretty excited about it so it's gonna be dope. The artwork looks sick so if you dig hard music and fly visuals save your ends to cop the complete package

samax said...

you better believe it fam. I got ta have it like ed o g.

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