Interview: 40 minutes of KRS ONE

Here's a lengthy KRS ONE interview on All Hip Hop, All the Time.

KRS drops a ton of stuff here. You have to hear his whole thesis on battling for a comprehensive perspective on a subject that rap nerds like myself talk about a lot, but he adds a dimension to it that is rarely thought of. He talks about how he regularly writes battle raps about top ten rappers that he never releases, just in case he finds himself in the position to need to battle them. He also puts the... ahem... PM Dawn incident in perspective, as well as his conflict with Nelly. Oh yeah, and college is a scam.
gotta love KRS!

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corance said...

Don't complain about what you don't got. Complain about what you do got. That's deeper than you think.

samax said...

right. KRS goes off in this one.

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