PREVIEW! The Dog Years #7

I should be sleeping but I'm not, cause I just HAD to read the 7th issue of the romantic comedy webcomic The Dog Years, by Andre Roberts. Trey and Rasheed get into it after the events of #6, which prompts Trey to take a hilarious stroll down memory lane...

 Good stuff, huh? I'm not EVEN gonna tell you what Rasheed and Trey fell out about, because if you haven't read The Dog Years #6, you don't DESERVE to know! But seriously, read it here, dude. It's free. Then move on to the new issue. If somehow you managed to miss the winner of last year's GhettoManga awards for best Cartoonist and Webcomic just click here to read all six issues. If you believe you will go blind if you read comics on the web, or you actually like to PAY creative people who entertain you, you can click here to buy The Dog Years Volume 1, which collects the first five issues. It took me forever to order it, but I got my copy earlier this month, and it's awesome!

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